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What year was A. O. Smith Promax model ect 52 200 made?

The A. O. Smith Promax Model ECT-52-200 is a residential electric water heater that belongs to the Promax series produced by A. O. Smith Corporation, a well-known manufacturer of water heating equipment. To determine the specific year in which the ECT-52-200 model was made, we need to consider the general production history of A. O. Smith and the typical lifespan of water heater models.

A. O. Smith Corporation has a long history in the water heating industry. The company was founded in 1874 by Charles Jeremiah Smith in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it has been a key player in the industry for well over a century. Throughout its history, A. O. Smith has continually evolved its product offerings, incorporating new technologies and innovations to meet the changing demands of consumers. This includes the development and production of various models of electric water heaters, like the Promax series.

The Promax series, in particular, has been a popular line of electric water heaters known for their energy efficiency and reliability. However, specific model numbers and their corresponding manufacturing years may not be readily available in public sources or may have limited documentation.

Typically, water heater models like the A. O. Smith Promax ECT-52-200 are manufactured for several years before they are replaced by newer models. The average lifespan of a water heater model in the market can vary, but it is not uncommon for a particular model to be produced for 5 to 10 years or even longer, depending on its popularity and performance.

Given this information, it's possible that the A. O. Smith Promax ECT-52-200 was manufactured during the early to mid-2000s. However, to determine the exact year of production for this specific model, you would need to refer to the manufacturer's documentation or contact A. O. Smith Corporation directly. They may be able to provide you with more precise information about the manufacturing date of the ECT-52-200 unit in question.

It's important to note that water heater models can vary not only by their manufacturing years but also by their specifications, features, and capacities. The ECT-52-200 model, for example, likely has a 52-gallon tank and a 2000-watt heating element, which are important details for users seeking information about its performance and suitability for their needs.

In summary, while it is challenging to provide an exact year of manufacture for the A. O. Smith Promax Model ECT-52-200 without access to specific manufacturer records, it is reasonable to estimate that it was likely produced in the early to mid-2000s. To obtain precise information, contacting A. O. Smith Corporation or referring to the unit's documentation would be the best course of action. Water heater models, like many other appliances, have a limited lifespan in the market before they are replaced by newer and more advanced versions to meet evolving consumer demands for energy efficiency and performance.
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