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Where is the model number on my Thermador cooktop?

The location of the model number on a Thermador cooktop can vary depending on the specific model and the age of the appliance. However, there are some common areas where you can typically find the model number. Here are a few places to check: 1. Control Panel Area: Look for a label or a metal plate on or near the control panel. The model number is often printed or etched onto this label. Check the top, front, or sides of the control panel for the label. 2. Side Trim or Frame: Some cooktop models have the model number printed on the side trim or frame of the appliance. Examine the sides of the cooktop, near the top or bottom, for any identification labels. 3. User Manual or Documentation: If you have the user manual or any documentation that came with the cooktop, the model number should be listed on the cover page or in the specifications section. 4. Underneath the Cooktop: Carefully lift or tilt the cooktop to inspect the underside. The model number might be stamped or printed on a label attached to the frame or housing. 5. Rear Panel: For some cooktop models, you might find the model number on the rear panel of the appliance. Check the backside of the cooktop, near the top or bottom edge. 6. Drawer Area (if applicable): If your Thermador cooktop has a storage drawer underneath, look on the front panel or inside the drawer cavity for a label containing the model number. It's essential to have the complete and accurate model number when seeking support or replacement parts for your Thermador cooktop. If you're having trouble locating the model number or if it's not easily visible, refer to the user manual or visit the Thermador website for further assistance. Additionally, if you're uncertain about handling the cooktop or lifting it for inspection, consider consulting a professional technician for help in identifying the model number.
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