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Why does my thermador stove keep clicking

If your Thermador stove keeps clicking, the most likely cause is an issue with the igniter or the burner components. The clicking sound is often associated with the spark igniter attempting to ignite the gas but failing to do so. Here are some possible reasons for the continuous clicking: 1. Dirty or Wet Igniter: The igniter may be dirty or wet, preventing it from generating a spark to light the gas. Make sure the igniter and the surrounding area are clean and dry. 2. Misaligned Burner Cap or Head: If the burner cap or head is not correctly aligned on the burner base, the gas flow may be disrupted, leading to continuous clicking. 3. Moisture in Burner Components: Moisture in the burner components can interfere with the ignition process and cause the continuous clicking sound. 4. Faulty Igniter: The igniter itself may be faulty and needs replacement. 5. Spark Module Issue: The spark module, responsible for producing the spark to ignite the gas, could be malfunctioning. 6. Electrical Issue: Problems with the electrical connections to the igniter or spark module may cause the clicking. To resolve the issue, you can start by ensuring the burner components are clean and dry. Check that the burner caps and heads are correctly placed. If the clicking persists, it is best to contact Thermador customer support or a qualified appliance technician for further inspection and repair. Attempting to repair or replace components without proper knowledge can be dangerous and may void the warranty. A professional can diagnose the problem accurately and safely resolve the clicking issue in your Thermador stove.
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