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Why does the Frigidaire microwave have two thermal fuses?

Frigidaire microwaves often have two thermal fuses for safety and protection purposes. The thermal fuses are designed to monitor the temperature inside the microwave and prevent it from overheating. The presence of two thermal fuses adds an extra layer of protection and redundancy.
If one fuse fails, the second fuse acts as a backup to ensure the microwave shuts off in case of excessive heat. This dual-fuse system enhances safety by minimizing the risk of fire or damage to the microwave. The thermal fuses are strategically placed in different locations within the microwave, such as near the magnetron or control panel, to monitor and regulate temperature.
If the temperature exceeds a safe threshold, the thermal fuses will trip and interrupt the power supply to the microwave, shutting it down. In such cases, it is necessary to identify the cause of overheating, resolve the issue, and replace the thermal fuses before the microwave can be safely used again.
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