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You fix refrigerators, right? I have this GE refrigerator that's about 10 years old. It's a side-by-side refrigerator. It was working fine. Then we had to do some work with the power coming into the house, and we needed to shut the power off several times and turn it back on again. After it went through that, it won't work anymore. I thought it would be something simple like a circuit breaker or a fuse, but evidently, it wasn't. There isn't any power in the control panel; there's the only power in the light bulbs inside the fridge. Somebody told me it could be the control panel or circuit board at the back. Are you familiar with that? What do you charge for a service call? Do you buy authorized parts for repairs? How do you get them?

Yes, we fix GE appliances, including refrigerators. We have GE specialists who can help fix any issue in your appliances. They are highly trained, licensed, and certified for all GE products. We have a service call fee, which pays for the technician to travel to your home, inspect your unit and tell you what's wrong. That will be waived if you proceed with the repairs. Our technician will order parts for you straight from the manufacturer. Upon checking, the soonest available schedule is for tomorrow between 11 and 2 PM.

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