12 Things You Didn't Know Smart Lights Could Do

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Michael Foster
June 23, 2024
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It's hard to believe that just a few decades ago, one way to control lights was by flipping a switch. It's vital to stay current with the latest technology to keep up in this ever-changing world. A new advancement that has been gaining popularity is smart lighting. Smart lights are made to be controlled by a phone or computer - automated to turn on or off, depending on its user's preferences.
However, most people probably think of these advanced electrical systems as nothing more than saving money and energy consumption. Smart lights provide just more than that! They have unique, innovative features that guarantee to make lives easier and, quite possibly, surprise their users with how it adds more sophistication to their brilliant smart home. Below are some 12 surprising things smart lights can do for you:

Create customizable scenes

Want to set the mood for a dinner party? Smart lights allow for different scenes, such as "romantic dinner" or "party time," where everyone might adjust the lighting to match everyone's desired atmosphere. It will create a unique experience for everyone, and with these customizable scenes, the sky's the limit for everyone's lighting options. So never worry about setting the right mood again, as smart lights have covered everyone's needs!

Be controlled remotely

Gone are the days of physically flipping a switch or walking around the house to adjust the lighting. Old-fashioned lights require to be physically present, but with smart lights, anyone can control them remotely through a smartphone app or voice assistant. With a smart light switch, everyone controls these advanced electrical systems at home or away. It also comes in handy if anyone accidentally leaves them on while leaving. With a few taps on the smartphone, everyone can control and adjust their lighting from anywhere else.

Adjust lighting based on the time of day

Some smart lights might be adjusted brightness by hue lights based on the time of day. And this mimics natural sunlight, which improves sleep habits and overall well-being. So for those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder, this feature will help combat symptoms by providing a more natural light source. With these smart lights, ensure you will have exceptional lighting for any time of day.

Integrate with other smart home devices

Are you already using a smart speaker, thermostat, or security system? Smart lights easily integrate with these other devices to create a seamless and connected home experience. For example, it turns on automatically when the security system detects motion or dims as the thermostat lowers the temperature for bedtime. The entire house will work together effortlessly thanks to smart lighting integration. Also, if the security camera detects movement outside, it will trigger the lights to turn on as a deterrent for potential intruders. Or, if you have voice-activated technology like Amazon's Alexa or Google Home, you can control your lights with just a simple command.

Synch with music or TV

Can smart lights change with music? Not only do smart lights change their colors and hues, but they also sync with music to pulse and change every beat. Imagine having a light show at your next house party! Also, take movie nights to the next level by synching your smart lights with audio from the TV or music playing in the background. This feature will add a dynamic element to any entertainment experience, immersing you further into your favorite show or music world. With this technology, every living room becomes a mini concert or movie theater!

Sync the weather

Smart lights sync with the weather, changing colors to match outside temperatures or even a forecast for rain. This feature adds an extra level of realism to every smart home setup. You'll feel like you're truly experiencing the weather outside whenever entering a room. So make it rain in your living room with a quick adjustment of your sophisticated electrical features. Experience the power of Mother Nature without even stepping foot outside!

Set schedules and timers

Gone on vacation and worried about leaving lights on in the house? With smart lights, everyone can set them on a schedule or timer to ensure lights are turned off while they're away. It will also help with energy efficiency and save money on electricity bills. With their scheduling capabilities, smart lights can make everyone's life much more convenient. And with their integration capabilities, anyone can control their entire smart home on a schedule while away from home.

Improves the economy

These contemporary electrical features can save more money on energy bills because they use less electricity than traditional ones. So, how does saving electricity improve the economy? It reduces the amount of energy consumed and therefore reduces the demand for it, leading to lower energy prices. By using less energy, they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save precious resources. With more people making the switch to smart lighting, we can work towards creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly economy.

Alerts for maintenance and malfunctions

This modern electrical advancement also has alert features that signal if there is a malfunction or if it needs to be replaced. And this can save time and effort in constantly checking all the bulbs for issues, as the system will do it for you. Integrating smart lights into everyone's home can bring convenience, enjoyment, and energy savings. For residential electrical repair, it is best to contact a licensed electrician. They will have the necessary training and expertise to safely repair any issues with these sophisticated electrical systems.

Act as a security feature

As mentioned, smart lights can deter potential intruders by automatically turning on when motion is detected outside. But they can also serve as an indicator of when everyone is away from home. Setting the lights to turn on and off at certain times will give the appearance that someone is home even when they aren't. This added layer of security can provide peace of mind while homeowners are away on vacation or out for the evening.

Helps to relax and focus

Some people find that smart lights help them relax or focus better when working or studying. Try out different colors and settings to see what works best for you! Each person is unique, so what helps one person relax may not have the same effect on another. Smart lights allow you to customize and experiment with your lighting to suit your needs. They undoubtedly add a fun and modern touch to your home, so why not try them and see how they can enhance your daily life?

Various Options that suit you best

Also, there are different options to choose from when it comes to smart lighting. While some lights require a central hub, you can control them directly through your smartphone or voice assistant. Consider what features and level of control you want in a smart lighting system before deciding. For example, the Alexa light bulbs and others have different options and benefits. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and what best fits your needs and preferences in a smart lighting system. So start exploring how integrating smart lights can improve your daily life.
Overall, smart lights offer an array of convenient and high-tech features for your home. From integrating with other devices to synching with music or weather, these lights can enhance any living space and make your life easier, safe, and more secure. So why not invest in smart lighting today? It's a small change that can make a big difference in your daily routine and the greater economy.

Who should I call for a residential electrical repair?

Overall, smart lights can add convenience, a fun element, and even improve your home's safety and energy efficiency. It's worth considering upgrading to this technology. However, contacting a licensed electrician regarding electrical repairs and other services is important. They will have all the necessary expertise to safely repair any issues with your electrical system. As we all know, dealing with electricity can be dangerous, so it's best to leave it to the professionals.
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