Home Appliance Maintenance

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Gina Napsin
April 01, 2024
Home appliances
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Appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and others cost a lot of money to replace and repair. By following a few simple maintenance tips, however, you can avoid those repairs and prolong the life of your appliances. Maintaining your appliances doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge-just some common sense and a little hard work.

Fridge and freezer appliance maintenance tips

1) Move the refrigerator
If there is airflow behind your refrigerator, it will operate more efficiently. To make the fridge run better, move it a few inches away from the wall.
2) Avoid having ice build up in the freezer
You can put a thin layer of cooking spray inside your freezer and then wipe it down. The little spray that is left will aid in preventing ice buildup.
3) Your ice bin should be empty
Long-term ice will solidify into a big chunk and begin to smell bad. For clean, new ice, empty the ice bin once a month.
4) Stock up the freezer
When your freezer is stocked with cold items as opposed to being empty, it operates more effectively. If you don't have a lot of food to store in your freezer, fill a few milk jugs with water and freeze them until you do.

Microwave and oven appliance maintenance tips

1) Remove stubborn microwave dirt
To remove stains from the inside of a cup or bowl, add some white vinegar and microwave it for three minutes. After that, a damp cloth will make cleaning it easier.
2) Clean the oven
If you don't clean the inside of the oven frequently, it may become baked-in with debris. You can bake a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and water in an oven-safe bowl on low heat for 45 minutes to loosen the grime. When the oven has cooled, it will be simpler to clean after turning it off.
3) Degrease the range hood
Degrease the range hood. If your vent hood is especially grimy, take it off and soak it in hot, soapy water before cleaning it. After cleaning, apply a small amount of cooking or mineral oil to help prevent some dust buildup.

Washer and dryer appliance maintenance tips

1) Wash smaller loads
Large loads may cause your washing machine to die sooner. Additionally, avoid washing your thick carpets and rubber floor mats in the washing machine.
2) Clean the washing machine
At least once per week, wipe and clean the washer inside the drum with a damp cloth. Any type of soapy residue, dirt, leftover threads from clothing, etc. would be eliminated.
3) Leave the door open
After you've finished washing and drying the clothes, keep the machine open to allow the moisture and dampness to escape.

Heating and cooling appliance maintenance tips

1) Drain the water heater
Over time, minerals accumulate in your water heater, reducing its efficiency and leading to issues. Draining it at least once a year will help to lessen the buildup.
2) Cover the water heater
To insulate the device and prevent it from losing as much energy to the outside air, you can get a water heater cover.
3) Refresh the AC filter
The efficiency of the air conditioner is reduced if the filter becomes clogged. At least once a year, replace the filter.

Dishwasher appliance maintenance tips

1) Fix the filter
To avoid a buildup of food, pits, seeds, and anything else that might become trapped there, check and clean the filter frequently.
2) Rinse out mineral deposits
Dishwashers struggle with hard water because mineral deposits (as well as food particles or other debris) can accumulate in the water holes in the spray arm.