5 Common Oven Problems And How To Fix Them

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Gina Napsin
June 22, 2024
Home appliances
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Is your oven giving you a headache instead of a hearty meal? Don't fret, and it's not just you. We've got your back with some oven repair hacks that will have you back in the baking game in no time. So, get a cup of tea, put on your DIY hat, and let's dive into 5 common oven problems and how to tackle them.

The oven temperature is too high or low

If you're experiencing uneven cooking or burning food, your oven temperature likely needs to be adjusted. A quick way to do this is to recalibrate the thermostat:
  1. Preheat and place an oven thermometer inside to check the temperature. If it's not accurate, use your oven's manual to adjust the thermostat accordingly.
  2. Check the heating element for any visible damage or signs of wear and tear. If the heating element is faulty, it will need to be replaced.
  3. If neither of these solutions works, consider replacing the temperature sensor to ensure accurate readings.

The oven won’t ignite or draw power

A malfunctioning oven that won't ignite or draw power is a frustrating issue to deal with. One possible cause is a broken igniter. The igniter is responsible for starting the heating process, so the oven won't turn on if it's faulty. Another common cause could be a tripped circuit breaker. You can resolve the issue by resetting the breaker. Finally, a faulty thermostat can also prevent your oven from turning on. Testing the thermostat with a multimeter helps determine if it needs replacing.

The oven door is jammed or won't latch

A jammed or unlatching oven door can be a major inconvenience. If you're having a problem opening or closing your oven door smoothly, there may be dirt or debris blocking the hinges or a broken latch or hinge. Start by cleaning the door and hinges with a damp cloth and remove any food debris that may have built up over time. If the door still isn't latching properly, you can try adjusting the latch mechanism. Refer to your oven's manual for instructions on how to do this. If neither of these solutions works, a hinge or latch likely needs to be replaced. You can easily find replacement parts online or at your local appliance repair shop.

The oven light fails to turn on

A non-functional oven light can make it difficult to monitor your food as it cooks, especially if you're trying to keep an eye on a delicate dish. One common cause of this issue is a burnt-out bulb. To fix this:
  1. Simply replace the bulb with a new one.
  2. If the bulb is not the problem, check the wiring to see if it's loose or disconnected.
  3. Tighten any loose connections and make sure the wiring is properly connected. If the wiring is not the issue, the light switch may be faulty.
You can test the switch with a multimeter to see if it's working properly. If the switch is not functioning, it may need to be replaced.

The oven won’t cook food evenly

When your oven fails to cook your food evenly, it can be frustrating to end up with burnt or undercooked meals. A dirty oven can cause hot spots, resulting in uneven cooking. So, clean it thoroughly and remove any food debris or residue. The position of the rack can also affect the cooking process, so make sure you're placing your food in the right spot. Finally, a faulty heating element can also be the culprit. If your oven still isn't cooking evenly after cleaning and adjusting the rack, consider replacing the heating element.
To sum up, these are the five common oven problems and their solutions. Always follow safety precautions when fixing any appliance issues, and don't hesitate to get professional help if necessary, and finding an "appliance repair near me" should no longer be a problem for everyone, especially if they already have access to a reputable company, like Home Alliance. With the help of Home Alliance’s knowledgeable technicians, you can make sure that your cooking appliance is functioning properly and ready to be used at any time. So, don't wait any longer. Contact Home Alliance to book a service appointment for your oven repair and other appliance service needs.