Colors For Your Bathroom In 2023

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Mark Jardine
July 09, 2024
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Different parts of our home serve different purposes. Other than the bedroom, the bathroom is also an area that soothes stress and can be a space that expresses the owner’s personality and creativity. Walking into a bathroom that is clean, spot-free, aesthetically pleasing, and matches your taste really brightens up your mood.
Whether it's choosing a bright, bold color or a clean-looking, neutral color, it will definitely set the mood for your bathroom. Whichever color you prefer, the ones that you’ll choose have a significant impact on producing the results you want, and this year's bathroom color trends provide lots of ideas. Here are some exciting color ideas for your bathroom!

Warm Earth Tones

Bathroom color trends are no exception to the warming trend in paint color preferences. Instead of the traditional grays and whites, cozier, earthier colors like beige, cream, taupe, and terra cotta are becoming more popular.

Calming Blue

The color blue is known for its calming, relaxing hue. It has been a favorite color for bathrooms, and is known to increase home values. So, next time you feel like repainting your bathroom in a nice, calming color, try blue!

Sophisticated Black

Prior to now, it was considered taboo to use dark paint colors in confined spaces, but now bold tones like black and charcoal gray are making an appearance in bathrooms as well. Having a dark black hue on your bathroom walls gives it a more sophisticated, modern vibe.

Crisp White

An all-white bathroom may not feel unique, but it looks amazing. It's a minimalist's dream, with chic black and wood accents.

Soothing Green

Green is a popular color in the home right now, but it works especially well in bathrooms, where it provides a soothing, restorative atmosphere. For a simple nod to nature, pair a muted green vanity with warm white walls, or wrap the entire room in green for a lush look.