Common Sewer Line Problems

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Gina Napsin
June 23, 2024
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Sewer lines are an important part of any home's plumbing system, responsible for carrying waste and wastewater away from the property. However, just like any other part of the plumbing system, it can develop problems over time, leading to costly repairs and inconveniences. In this article, we will discuss homeowners' most common sewer line problems and how to deal with them.
Sewer line maintenance prevents clogs, backups, and even pipe damage. Neglecting maintenance leads to costly repairs, unpleasant odors, and health hazards. Regular inspections and cleanings can catch issues early and prevent them from escalating. It's important to be aware of what goes down your drains and avoid flushing non-biodegradable items or pouring harmful chemicals. By investing in professional maintenance for your sewer line, you can save money in the future and keep your household safe and healthy.

Most Common Sewer Line Problems

  • Corrosion of Pipes
Corrosion in pipes can cause serious damage and even lead to complete pipe failure. The chemical reactions in the soil surrounding the pipes or the high level of acidity in the wastewater cause the pipes to weaken and eventually corrode. Signs of corrosion can include leaks, low water pressure, discolored water, and even the presence of rust in the water. To address corrosion, it's important to replace affected pipes, and regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent corrosion from occurring in the first place. Taking these steps helps ensure that it will function properly and prevent costly repairs in the future.
  • Blockage
Blockages in sewer lines are a common problem that causes significant damage to your home. Blockages can lead to overflowing toilets and backed-up drains if not addressed promptly. One of the most common causes of blockages is flushing inappropriate materials down the toilet, such as feminine hygiene products, paper towels, or baby wipes. Grease and hair buildup also causes blockages in the pipes over time. To prevent blockages, it's important to be mindful of what you're flushing down the toilet and to perform regular maintenance, such as pouring hot water and baking soda down your drains to dissolve buildup. If you experience a blockage, it's best to call a professional plumber to avoid further damage to your pipes.
  • Tree Root Intrusion
Tree root intrusion is a common problem that affects sewer lines, especially in older homes or neighborhoods with mature trees. As roots grow and expand, they can crack and damage sewer pipes, causing leaks and blockages. Signs of tree root intrusion include slow drainage, recurring clogs, and the presence of tree roots in the sewer line. To address this issue, a plumber may use a rooter tool or hydro jet to remove roots from the line. In severe cases, replacing damaged sections of the sewer line may be necessary. Regular maintenance and inspection can help prevent tree root intrusion and minimize the risk of sewer line damage.
  • Pipe Shifting and Breakage
Pipe shifting and breakage can seriously damage your sewer line and require immediate attention. In some cases, soil erosion caused by poor drainage or heavy rain can cause the soil to shift and put pressure on the pipes, causing them to break. Freezing temperatures can also cause pipes to shift or crack. Signs of pipe shifting and breakage include foul odors, sewage leaks in your yard, and slow-draining sinks. It's essential to call a professional plumber as soon as you notice any of these signs to prevent further damage and avoid costly repairs in the future.
  • Sewage Smell in the House
Sewage smells in the house can be a major inconvenience and potentially hazardous to your health. It's important to know the cause of the smell to address the issue properly. A dry P-trap, which is a U-shaped pipe that traps water to prevent sewer gases from entering your home, can be easily remedied by pouring water down the drain to refill the trap. However, if the smell persists, it could be a sign of a backed-up sewer line that requires professional plumbing services. It's crucial to take action promptly to prevent further damage to your home and ensure the health and safety of you and your family.

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Ignoring or delaying sewer line problems can result in significant damage to your home and property and potential health hazards from exposure to wastewater. Early detection and repair of sewer line problems are crucial to preventing further damage, such as collapsed pipes, flooding, and damage to your home's foundation. Regularly maintaining and inspecting your sewer line is crucial to ensure it functions properly and promptly addresses any issues. By taking proactive steps to maintain it, you can save yourself time, money, and potential headaches in the future.
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