Don’t Be Fooled By These 7 HVAC Myths

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Mark Jardine
February 20, 2024
Heating & Cooling
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As homeowners, we rely heavily on our HVAC systems to keep us comfortable throughout the year. However, there are many myths surrounding HVAC systems that can mislead us into making the wrong decisions when it comes to our heating and cooling needs. This blog will debunk seven common myths about HVAC systems and provide tips for optimizing their performance. For any HVAC repair services, it is important to be informed and avoid falling for these myths.

Myth 1: Turning your AC off when you leave the house is a waste of energy

Leaving your AC on when you're not at home doesn't actually keep your house cooler. It only maintains the temperature that you set on the thermostat. By turning off your AC when you leave the house, you can save up to 10% on your energy bill. This is especially true during the summer months when the AC works overtime to keep your home cool.
You can use a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home automatically. For instance, you can program it to turn off when you leave for work and turn it back on an hour before you come back home. This will ensure that your home is comfortable while you're in without unnecessary energy wastage when you're out.
If you're still unsure whether turning off your AC when you leave is a good idea, consult an expert technician. They can help you determine the best energy-saving strategies for your home.

Myth 2: You only have to change the filter once a year

Filters play a crucial role in the performance and longevity of your unit. To keep your unit running efficiently, you should change your air filters every one to three months, depending on usage. Neglecting to change your filters leads to costly HVAC repairs.

Myth 3: The bigger the HVAC system, the better

Selecting a heating and cooling unit that is too big for your needs may initially appear attractive, but it could result in increased energy expenses and unnecessary strain on the system. It is recommended to opt for a properly-sized HVAC system that can cool your house effectively and efficiently.

Myth 4: Close the vents in any empty rooms to increase energy efficiency

Closing vents in empty rooms is a common practice that many people believe can save energy and lower utility bills. However, it can have the opposite effect by creating pressure imbalances that lead to duct leaks, decreased efficiency, and higher energy usage. The HVAC unit is designed to distribute air evenly throughout the house, and blocking off vents can interfere with this process. Instead, using fans to circulate the air can help optimize the system's efficiency and keep your home comfortable. Contacting HVAC services can help identify and fix any issues with your system's ductwork.

Myth 5: My thermostat’s location doesn’t affect heating and cooling

Thermostat location is critical to the accuracy and efficiency of your heating and cooling system. A thermostat placed in direct sunlight, near drafty areas or near appliances that generate heat will not accurately reflect your home's temperature. This leads to your system turning on and off frequently, causing wear and tear on your system and increasing your energy bills. Proper thermostat placement is essential for optimal heating and cooling performance.

Myth 6: I don’t need routine maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to ensure your system lasts longer and operates efficiently. If you ignore maintenance, you risk expensive repairs and system breakdowns. It's vital to book scheduled HVAC maintenance services with a qualified technician.

Myth 7: An energy-efficient unit will automatically reduce my bill

An energy-efficient unit is only one part of the equation when it comes to reducing your energy bill. Factors like insulation, air leaks, and ductwork can all play a significant role in your overall energy usage. It's important to address these factors in addition to having an energy-efficient HVAC unit to maximize your energy savings. A professional HVAC repair service helps identify and address any issues in your system to ensure optimal efficiency.

The Bottomline

Don't fall for these common myths about HVAC systems. By understanding the truth and following our tips, you can optimize the performance and longevity of your HVAC system while reducing your energy bill. If you need HVAC repair services or routine maintenance, be sure to choose a qualified technician from Home Alliance. We offer 24/7 HVAC emergency repair services and preventative maintenance to keep your heating and cooling system running in top shape. Contact us today and book a service to learn more about our services and membership plan!