Granite Countertop Alternatives

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Mark Jardine
February 22, 2024
Home appliances
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If you're thinking about a kitchen renovation, you don't want to stop short. Of course, you want new cabinets and flooring, and you're dreaming of new countertops as part of your beautiful, remodeled kitchen. If you change one part of the kitchen, changing it all is the logical next step. Why have gorgeous cabinets and cracked, chipped counters? If you adore granite, check out these granite alternatives to add to your wish list as well.

Recycled counters

Want a new counter? If you love to recycle, then choose a durable countertop that also happens to be made out of recycled materials. These materials can masquerade as stone or they can look completely unique, adding an artistic flair to your kitchen.
According to Home Style Choices, there are many different kinds of recycled glass counters. "Some products use a cement-based material whereas others use a resin formula. Then there are the "all glass" versions that simply use recycled glass alone to form new solid glass counters." These counters are generally made out of chips of glass held together by a binder. This gives them the speckled look of granite, but a more colorful version, with many different potential colors of glass. Cement-based binders require a sealant and maintenance over time. Resin-based counters are not porous and don't require a sealant.
You can also get countertops that are created entirely out of slabs of recycled glass. These don't give you the look of granite, but they are equally gorgeous.

The luxury of marble countertops

Elements like oil, juice, and wine can stain marble. Marble is softer and more porous than other rocks.
If you're regularly unkind to your countertops by cutting on them or placing very hot pots directly on them, marble may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a showpiece countertop and you're willing to put some care into it, then marble is an excellent choice.
Take a closer look at granite alternatives before you commit.

Should you choose a concrete counter?

At first glance, a concrete counter looks far different than you might expect. If you were thinking "sidewalk" or "roadway" when you heard of concrete counters, then you might think that a concrete counter will have bumps, look severe and industrial, or just be plain ugly.
That couldn't be farther from the truth. Concrete counters are made from concrete materials. They can be very beautiful, incorporating other materials into the mix, or simply look like burnished concrete. They are a modern choice for your home, combining looks and durability. They're also easy to install and remarkably inexpensive.
Are you thinking about granite countertops? Consider the many attractive alternatives as well. Do you want to take the next step toward a beautifully-remodeled kitchen? Talk with Home Alliance. We offer kitchen remodels, if you'd like to install your dream kitchen, we're here to help today.