How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A House?

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Michael Foster
March 20, 2023
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Unlike other domestic restorations and repairs, rewiring your home is one of the most overlooked household jobs. However, this does not diminish the need to update your property's electrical systems and wiring. Failure to update your rewiring needs can have catastrophic, even tragic, implications.

Electrical wiring must be installed while constructing a new home or expansion. Homes built before 1960 may not be able to accommodate contemporary appliances. Some older homes may also have corroding wiring that is generating problems that might be harmful. When these issues arise, rewiring or replacing the wiring and the outlets, switches, panel, and most fixtures is frequently necessary.

When a homeowner needs rewiring services, it is usually for a specific region of their property. However, there may be situations when a whole living space requires electrical rewiring. In these situations, the biggest issue on homeowners' minds is, "How much does an average home rewiring cost?" However, ignoring to meet rewiring requirements might be considerably more costly in the long term.

Because there are so many different types of wiring jobs, the related costs are diverse. Several factors might influence the electrical rewiring house cost. This article discusses six factors for a house's electrical rewiring cost, namely:

  1. Scope of the project
  2. Home's age and size
  3. Electrician's labor
  4. Accessibility of Wiring
  5. Permits and inspections
  6. Current electrical fixture condition

Cost Factor #1: Scope of the Project

The price will vary substantially depending on whether you are merely replacing electrical panels, rewiring a portion of your property, or the entire household. The cost of the job will also vary depending on the type of wiring and cables utilized.

Cost Factor #2: Home's Age & Size

Rewiring jobs are normally priced by the square foot, so a larger home implies more wiring, more outlets, and, as a result, more prices. A rewiring project might cost between $2 and $4 per square foot when labor and supplies are factored in. A 2,000-square-foot property or building may cost between $4,000 and $8,000. So, the older and larger the home is, the more expensive it is. If the wiring is not accessible, the age of your property might affect rewiring prices.

Cost Factor #3: Electrician's Labor

Rewiring will require the services of a certified electrician. The labor expenditures of the electrician will account for a sizable portion of the cost of rewiring your living space. Labor expenses may vary depending on the electrician's licensing level (apprentice, journeyman, master) and the number of electricians working in your place. If you need an upgraded electrical panel or additional outlets placed, you'll also have to pay for extra labor and components.

Cost Factor #4: Accessibility of Wiring

Naturally, a property under reconstruction with open walls is considerably easier to service than with intact drywall, which makes the electrical line significantly less accessible. If the electrician has to cut through drywall and then repair it, the cost of the rewiring job will increase.

Cost Factor #5: Permits and Inspections

Permits and inspection requirements will differ depending on your present system and location. These are frequently necessary to guarantee that your wiring meets contemporary standards, complies with local rules, and will be safe for you and your family for decades to come. Permits typically vary from $10 to $500, depending on the intricacy of your electrical system.

Cost Factor #6: Current Electrical Fixture Condition

When investing in a rewiring job, you may need to replace more items than anticipated. For one thing, your present light fixtures may not be compatible with the new wiring, necessitating their replacement. The same is true for vintage two-prong outlets. As a result, you may end up with more replacements than anticipated.

Bottom Line

While rewiring a home is costly, the good news is that it is typically only necessary once, so there will be no recurrent costs or continuing upkeep. While the expense of rewiring a building or property may appear to be prohibitively expensive initially, there are several benefits to engaging in this update. The first reason is to have the peace of mind that your family is protected. You won't have to worry about a flickering light starting a fire. Lastly, not only can you raise the new wiring as an advantage to the home, giving purchasers confidence in the safety, but you can also minimize closing delays because it is in good condition.

However, it is critical to employ the best materials and professionals available to ensure the safety of your property. You don't want to skimp on this; rewiring your home might save your life. Contact a reliable electrician in your location, like Home Alliance, for a transparent rewiring cost calculator for your project.

Common Signs You Need To Rewire Your Home

How do you find electrical home problems? If your electrical system isn't operating properly, you may need to consider rewiring your home. While rewiring may appear to be a large expenditure, it decreases your chances of fire hazard, raises the value of your property, improves the safety of your home, saves you money on your energy bills, and increases your home's electrical capacity.

Below are some indicators it's time to replace your electrical wiring:

  • Old Wiring - If your building or living space is 50 years old or older, your wiring probably needs to be replaced. Not only does ancient wiring fail to meet contemporary technology needs, but it also increases the likelihood of a fire.
  • Aluminum Wiring - Change your aluminum wiring since it has been discovered to dramatically enhance the risk of a fire.
  • Flickering Lights - Flickering lights are frequently a sign of loose wiring connections, which can indicate a serious problem with your home's wiring.
  • Burning Smells - If your property has a chronic burning odor, it might come from your wiring. Loose connections and defective wires can cause your wiring to short out, resulting in sparks that can ignite cables, outlets, and walls.
  • Outlets & Switches Discolorations - If your outlets and switches are visibly burned, your wiring is most likely shorting and sparking. Brown or black burn marks on your light switches and outlets are severe indicators of poor wiring and should be evaluated by a professional immediately.
  • Unequipped with a Sufficient Number of Outlets - Typically, older homes do not have sufficient outlets. If you use many power strips and extension cables to power the appliances in your living space, you may consider rewiring them.
  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping - When your circuit breaker malfunctions, your property does not receive the same protection. If your circuit breaker routinely trips, you should arrange an electrical examination.

BONUS: Helpful Tips You Can Do To Save on Home Rewiring

While homeowners must be cost-conscious, it is typically not a smart idea to DIY or cut corners on rewiring jobs. There's a reason electricians must be certified: one mistake move can end in electrocution or a fire. When undertaking electrical work, it's also possible to do further damage.

However, there are strategies to reduce unexpected expenditures for rewiring your property, such as:

  • Get your electrical system inspected first. Before beginning a rewiring project, have a certified electrician evaluate your home's wiring thoroughly. You might be able to get away with minimal fixes instead.
  • Avoid rewiring projects involving the opening of walls. Opening walls is a more complex process that can consume up to 25-30% of your overall project price when completed.
  • Look around. Before selecting an electrician to handle your rewiring project, research the electricians in your region, considering client reviews and ratings. It's also a good idea to get quotations from at least three electricians.
  • Save more money on combining electrical projects. While you may need to repair the wiring in one area, consider replacing your outlets or electrical panel. It may boost the value of your property while also saving you money.
  • Prioritize your electrical needs. Knowing how much each room will cost can help determine the required work. Even though the square footage is the same, not all rooms will cost the same service.

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