How To Organize A Laundry Room Like A Pro

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Gina Napsin
March 28, 2024
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Some of us agree that there are better rooms than the laundry room in our home. It may be less relaxing than the bedroom, as comforting as the living room, or as delicious as the kitchen. But that doesn't mean it should be left that way!
The laundry room could be one of the best rooms to work and do your chores in when it is organized and clear of clutter. Clever use of its space can increase the room's functionality, allowing the homeowners to move and do their laundry freely and not be surrounded by so much mess! So, if you want to improve your laundry room, you've come to the right place! Here are some tips for organizing your room like a pro:

Think of your desired layout

Before starting anything else, organize your thoughts, wants, and needs in a laundry room. It's one thing to have an attractive laundry room. Still, it would help if you also considered the room's functionality and the old layout. Having a complete renovation might be pretty hard on the wallet! So take it easy, and access what you want and need in the area.

Remove everything and declutter

After deciding what you want in the laundry room, starting with a clean slate might be the best way to start! From completely renovating a shelf to letting go of the detergents you don't use, whether planning to start a big or small project, it might be helpful to declutter the room before starting anything in particular. Deep cleaning a room can be hard work and requires much time and effort, but the result will be worth it!

Provide more storage

In a room where you would do your tiring chore, it's essential to have more storage to store cleaning agents and dirty laundry. Whether you plan on adding more cabinets or baskets, having more storage allows you to put everything in its designated areas and hide the things you don't want to see in the room.

Add some cute baskets

In line with adding more storage in your laundry room, you can add some cute baskets that match your design. A clothes bin or basket makes the room look organized and allows your family members to separate their clothes for you.

Label, label, label

Labeling makes everything have its place. It gives the room a more tidy and organized vibe, allowing it to stay that way. Not only that, but when you're away, it also helps your family members know where things are and where they should go.

Add your own personal touch

Feel free to add decorations to your laundry room, but staying moderate is best. A little greenery, paint, and lighting can add attractive features to your laundry room, making it look more welcoming. Of course, you can also incorporate your design into the room. It's part of your home, after all!