Is There a Right Order to Do Chores In?

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Mark Jardine
July 11, 2024
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Have you ever wondered if there's a specific order in which you should tackle your household chores? Is there a right way to prioritize your cleaning tasks? We’ll explore the concept of the "right order" concept to do chores and uncover helpful tips to maximize efficiency, productivity, and maintain a clean and organized home.

Tips about doing household chores in the right order to make the work easier

  • Let equipment and cleaning supplies handle the difficult work: Appliances that can handle much of our cleaning are in almost every home. Load the dishwasher and start a load of washing before you begin a session of tasks so that the appliances will be operating while you do something else.
  • Heavy cleaning: Head to the kitchen or bathroom, where you might need to clean seriously. To get a head start, spray cleaning solutions on soap scum, toilet stains, or grease ovens. Allow the cleaning agents time to operate and cut through buildup while you engage in other activities; in 15 to 20 minutes, the muck will be much easier to remove.
  • Tidy up before you clean: Cleaning floors and surfaces becomes much more difficult when a room is packed with toys, clothes, or paperwork. Starting in one corner, carefully work around the space, straightening or collecting everything misplaced. Put things that need to be put away in a plastic laundry basket, and put things that need to be thrown away in a trash bag. Vacuuming and dusting are considerably easier to do now
  • Choose a room and stay in it: Now that you've started choose a room to thoroughly clean and stick with it until it's finished. If you hop about from room to room, you might not get anything done. To prevent dust from landing on freshly cleaned surfaces, always clean a room from ceiling to floor. Don't dust twice. Remember the tops of tall furniture, light fixtures, and difficult-to-reach ceiling fans. In other words, dust or wipe every surface before vacuuming or sweeping.
It makes no difference which room you clean first. Some people like to start cleaning the hardest-to-reach areas—like bathrooms or kitchens—first. You might also begin with the locations where family and visitors congregate. The important thing is to get at least one area in top condition. This is crucial if you only have a short window of time to clean.
When you begin cleaning, make the tasks easier by having all the necessary cleaners and tools. Making multiple excursions through the house in search of dusters, disinfection wipes, or a vacuum could be more efficient.