Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Home Appliances

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Gina Napsin
May 17, 2024
Home appliances
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To young dogs and cats, home appliances are not just household items but interesting objects to explore, climb, play with, and potentially get injured by. Our pets may view home appliances as toys or cozy places to nap, but taking precautions to prevent accidents is essential. Implementing simple precautions can ensure their safety.

Washer and dryer

The laundry room can be an irresistible spot for cats and other animals to snuggle up on warm piles of clothes. Keep the door closed when not in use to prevent your pet from accidentally climbing into your front-load or top-load washer. Manufacturers suggest keeping front-load washers open to prevent odor, mold, and mildew, but check for pets before starting the machine.

Oven and range

When cooking, ensure your pets are not in the kitchen to avoid accidental burns from heated surfaces. Cats are particularly drawn to warmth and may jump onto stovetops if unwatched.
If your gas range has front knobs within your pet's reach, use knob covers to prevent accidental range turn-on.


Dogs and cats can be clever enough to open fridge doors and find treats, but it can be dangerous if they get shut inside by mistake. It's recommended to consider using a refrigerator door lock designed for children if your pet has learned to open the fridge on their own.

Portable kitchen appliances

Keep all cords from small kitchen appliances, such as stand mixers, blenders and electric griddles, out of your dog or cat’s reach, especially when they’re plugged in. Your animal could be electrocuted if he chews on or bites through a plugged-in cord, or the appliance could be pulled off the counter, causing serious injury.

Portable heaters

To prevent burns, make sure portable heaters have at least three feet of space on all sides, and use a baby gate to keep pets away.

Vacuum cleaner

Dogs and cats can be good companions, but they also add to the household chores. To avoid startling your pet, consider keeping them in another room while vacuuming. Some dogs may perceive the vacuum cleaner as a threat and attack it. You can use positive reinforcement with treats and distractions to help them associate the vacuum with something positive.