Learning How To Fix A Partial Power Outage In The House

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Gina Napsin
June 04, 2023
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Why did I lose power to half my house?

The majority of households will undoubtedly suffer a power outage at some time. A half-house or partial power outage affects only particular portions of your home and does not affect the full property. Also, if you have a partial power outage, you may find that some electrical appliances work in some regions but not others and some lights may look dull while others shine brighter than usual.

When you have a partial power outage, it is typically because the power source has been compromised. And this signifies that there is just one phase of electricity accessible; thus, the other half of your house is OK. In short, a partial outage happens in some parts of your home or business. A full power outage happens when electricity is lost across the premises.

It can be frustrating to experience a power outage, especially when you don't know what caused it. Several things can cause a partial power outage, but the most common are weather-related causes, a bad main breaker, and faulty appliances. You've come to the correct spot if you are experiencing an electricity outage. This blog will assist you in understanding the issue and some of the most useful troubleshooting guides to remedy the problem.

The Leading Causes of Home Partial Power Outages

A power outage can leave your home or office in the dark and cause disruptions to your daily routine. Various factors can cause it, such as the following:

  • Overloaded power grid
  • Blown fuses
  • Weather conditions
  • Faulty circuit breakers
  • Poor connection at the transformers

If you're experiencing a partial power outage, it's important to act quickly to avoid a complete power outage. But because working with electricity can be dangerous, these difficulties can be fixed by a professional electrical contractor. They can develop a better solution or strategy within your budget and time frame.

There is, however, something you may do before hiring an electrician. If you have a power loss in only one room, check the guide below to troubleshoot safely and effectively.

Troubleshooting Guide

When your home loses electricity, it is often simple to determine why. An electrical storm or a falling tree limb brings down a power line. But what should you do if you have a power outage in your home? It might be difficult to determine the precise cause of why certain portions of your property have electricity while others do not. Let's look at what can be causing a partial outage and what you can do to fix it.

  • Blown Fuses

Fuse or circuit breakers manage and safeguard your home's electrical system circuits. Circuit breakers protect separate circuits in modern homes; however, fuses may still be used in older homes. The fuses or circuit breakers are located in the primary service panel. These devices immediately shut the power to the circuit when they detect a problem.

When your home's power goes out due to "tripped breakers" or blown fuses, you must reset the breaker lever to the "ON" position. If a fuse has blown, you must immediately contact an emergency electrician to replace it.

  • Transformer Connections

This cause of power outage is uncommon, but you may be suffering a partial outage because the transformer supplying electricity to your home is not properly connected. If this is the case, you will see blackouts in some areas of your home.

This situation may necessitate the services of an emergency electrician or your local utility company to repair and restore electricity to your house.

  • Circuit Breakers

When there is an excessive current flow, the circuit breaker is meant to turn off the electricity. However, if you experience repeated power outages, you may have a faulty circuit breaker. One indicator of a defective circuit breaker is that it does not stay in the "reset" state. And this might indicate that the breaker is short-circuiting, in which case you'll need to call an emergency electrician.

Check if you have access to a circuit breaker box if a fuse has blown. It will almost seem out of place and be a different color than the other switches. If a circuit breaker has tripped, the first thing to do is turn off anything turned on or connected to an electrical outlet in the house's powerless area. After that, replace the popped switch in its original location. And this should resolve the problem and restore power. Call an emergency electrician if the breaker switch is out of position and will not reset.

  • GFCI

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a safety device required by the City code on all electrical outlets near sinks, bathtubs, and other water sources. They're also common on outdoor electrical receptacles.

Look for a GFCI receptacle on your socket plates if the power is still out. This safety device is located between the top and lower sockets in the center of the plate. It takes the shape of two little buttons, one for "test" and one for "reset," which should be completely depressed if the "reset" button has been triggered. If the issue was with the GFCI receptacle, this should fix it.

  • Electrical Wiring

If you live in an older home with frequent blackouts, the problem might be a lack of wiring. And this might be frequent for those who live in homes built before the 1980s that were not designed to support high-energy gadgets like computers, large-capacity freezers, and entertainment systems.

Lights flickering, tripped circuit breakers, and blown fuses indicate poor wiring. Ignoring these warning signals puts you in danger of a fire. It's advisable to hire an emergency electrician to update your wiring.

  • Power Boards

The power board allows a single electrical outlet that can only support one or two plugs. Many homeowners see this as a solution since it eliminates the need to seek an outlet and allows them to plug in all gadgets. However, this might be dangerous if the power board is overloaded.

You may quickly resolve a blackout caused­­­­­­­ by a circuit overload without calling an emergency electrician. Allow the circuit to cool down before unplugging some things that take too much power and flipping the breaker. When you flip the breaker, don't use numerous appliances at once; instead, use one gadget at a time. You may also contact a local emergency electrician for assistance running out of outlets, which are the key power terminals.


After you have verified and done some of the troubleshooting guides mentioned above, power should be restored. If it does not, it is time to contact an electrician. The problem might be caused by various factors, including bad wiring, a malfunctioning breaker, or termite damage, but electrical difficulties are significant and should be assessed by an expert. Remember that if you have an outage followed by hissing or popping or if you smell something burning, you should contact a competent electrician immediately.

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