Storing Raw Meat in Your Fridge

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Mark Jardine
May 21, 2024
Home appliances
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One of the foods that so many people have trouble with is raw beef. We are aware that we need to handle the meat and the surfaces it comes into contact with carefully. While some of us find the idea of handling raw meat disgusting, others simply put up with it and never have a problem.It is important to handle raw meat with care and attention. It is well known that bacteria found in raw meat can cause disease and food poisoning. For this reason, most raw meat must be cooked according to precise specifications to a certain temperature before being consumed. Here’s a guide on how to preserve raw meat in the refrigerator:

Where Should It Be Placed in Your Fridge?

Although there is no requirement that you keep your raw meat in a particular location, there are several storage suggestions. If the raw meat is not properly stored, it can potentially affect other foods in the refrigerator.
You may be familiar with the term "cross-contamination," which is what you are attempting to avoid when you put raw fish, raw beef, raw chicken, or other sorts of raw meat into your refrigerator.
You don't want the raw meat to come into contact with anything else or to spill its juices on anything else.
The bottom shelf of your refrigerator is the ideal location for storing meat to prevent potential cross contamination. The bottom shelf serves this job admirably. Usually, we don't

How Long Should It Stay in the Fridge?

Raw meat comes in many different varieties. You might eat steak, hamburger ground, chicken, or lamb. Really, the list could go on forever. Although not all meats are identical, the general rule is up to 5 days.

How Do You Make It Last Longer in the Fridge?

You should first double-check your refrigerator's temperature. Many people assume that the refrigerator is always as cold as it should be.
If you plan to keep raw meat in your refrigerator, you should aim for a temperature of 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
The growth of bacteria that might be present on your raw meat is slowed at this precise temperature. It lessens the possibility of cross contamination and preserves the freshness of your meat.
It won't always stop bacteria from spreading, but it will drastically slow down their growth and safeguard your food in general.

Is It OK to Leave Raw Meat Uncovered in the Fridge?

Never leave your meat exposed in the refrigerator. You will need some type of covering, even if you leave it out to warm up. It is crucial that you cover it, whether you want to do so with plastic wrap or a lid.
Keep in mind that bacteria thrive best in uncooked meat. The best approach to protect it is to adhere to all safety advice.