The Key Elements To Build A Vintage Industrial Style In Your Home

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Gina Napsin
July 11, 2024
Home appliances
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It is about displaying the building materials that many try to hide. It is raw, it is unfinished, it is about selecting pieces with function and style. The industrial design shows neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces.
The vintage industrial style is an emerging home trend. The world celebrates, as the future of the planet depends on us to be conscious and upcycle more and more. This look embraces wide open, modern loft-like spaces with rough textures of old industrial spaces. Large windows with panes of glass separated by dark weathered steel. It’s exposed rough wood, reclaimed wood walls, lots of brick, and in some cases, exposed concrete. The result is a warehouse look that combines a true industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the earthy to the polished.
Even if you are not the happy owner of a loft, it is perfectly possible to have a vintage industrial modern look inside your house. A certified contractor would be able to decide what needs to be done. It is about displaying the building materials that many try to hide. It is raw, it is unfinished, it is about selecting pieces that combine function and style. Industrial interior design showcases neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces.
Industrial pieces might not appeal to everybody, but when partnered with the homeowner`s own furniture can add attractiveness to the living space. This look asks for stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures, and vintage furniture. It is minimal and clean. It is raw industrial where materials are the focus – reclaimed wood that is eco-friendly and green. Even though energy is involved with reclamation, the idea of not discarding beautiful materials is compelling.
Here are some tips on how to achieve a vintage industrial look and also how to choose accessories and furniture. You may have some beautiful pieces at home already!

Exposed bricks

One of the features of vintage industrial style decor is to leave materials exposed, such as to show off a brick wall in a kitchen. It makes the decor feel more earthy and raw, without losing its feeling of homeliness.

Exposed pipes and ducts

What people try to hide, such as pipes and ducts, is a signature element of vintage industrial design. Converting former industrial spaces (such as factories) to residential living may be a challenge. Talk to a certified contractor to check what can be done. Leaving a few raw elements exposed reminds residents of the buildings’ original purpose.

The use of concrete

Concrete is a popular choice for vintage industrial decor, but some may think that it is a little bit "cold". The homeowner can add warmth to the look with colorful accessories and soft textures on the bed.

Dark furniture

Deeper shades used in the furniture pieces of a room can work to create a complex, yet modern industrial decor atmosphere. Black and grey decor pieces work exceptionally well, as do deep and matte shades of blue or purple.

Vintage suitcases and other elements

The industrial and vintage styles work particularly well together. For instance, using old suitcases, sewing machines, and old metal cabinets as decor items look great when blended with old-style industrial lighting fixtures.


Wire and metal particularly work well to solidify the industrial look, but work in some softer vintage elements such as a faux velvet or fur rug, as well as thick drapes, to create unique and interesting appeal in a room that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Deeper shade of colours

Black is a must, dark brown, cement color for furniture, floors and walls. Rusty metal pieces are always very welcomed. The vintage industrial style is very eclectic, though. If the homeowner wants to add some life, Navajo pillows and ethnic throws may go in the living or family rooms.

Mild patterns

A vintage industrial look doesn't require a lot of prints or patterns. Instead, brick walls (or faux brick wall prints) are an easy way to look industrial. For linen, you can get those with vintage typography printed on neutral colored cloth. Subtle stripes are also fine.

Decorative elements

Wire baskets, wooden pallets, furniture with wheels, PVC pipes and vintage items like typewriters, storage boxes. If you could find an apothecary cabinet, that would be great. Lastly, the most important decorative element for this theme are the lighting fixtures - look for one with vintage metal hardware.