I'm a property supervisor for an apartment complex, and I'm looking for someone that fixes wall heaters for one of our tenants. The unit is not heating. Our maintenance guy tried to turn on the pilot light and check it out, but he couldn't troubleshoot it. The heater/AC guy that I normally use is on vacation and hasn't gotten back to me, so I'm in urgent need of help for today. Are you guys licensed and bonded?

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You can count on our technicians to help with your heating and cooling needs as they are licensed, certified, and highly trained on everything HVAC. Upon checking our schedule, the soonest we can send our technician is tomorrow morning. We have a service call fee for our technician to travel to your place, diagnose the unit, and estimate the repairs. The fee will be waived once you proceed with the repairs and go through the repair costs. Our technician will call 30 minutes beforehand to notify you of their arrival.

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