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Can I replace the igniter on the Noritz NR98 DVC without professional help, and where can I find the replacement part?

Replacing the igniter on a Noritz NR98 DVC tankless water heater is a task that can potentially be done by a homeowner with some technical skills, but it depends on your level of experience and comfort working with gas appliances. Safety is a top priority when working on gas-fired equipment, and it's important to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and tools to complete the replacement safely. Here's a general guide on replacing the igniter and where to find a replacement part:

Can You Replace the Igniter Yourself?
Before attempting to replace the igniter on your Noritz NR98 DVC, consider the following factors:
Technical Skills: Assess your technical skills and experience with gas appliances. Replacing the igniter involves working with gas connections, electrical components, and the gas burner assembly. If you lack experience or confidence in these areas, it's safer to seek professional help.
Safety Precautions: Gas appliances can be hazardous if mishandled. Ensure that you are familiar with gas safety procedures, such as shutting off the gas supply, detecting and addressing gas leaks, and handling gas connections properly.
Tools and Equipment: You will need the appropriate tools and equipment, including wrenches, screwdrivers, a multimeter for electrical testing, and potentially a pipe wrench for gas line connections. You'll also need the replacement igniter.
User Manual: Consult the user manual for your Noritz NR98 DVC. It may contain instructions for replacing the igniter and provide specific guidelines for your unit.
Warranty Considerations: Check the warranty terms for your tankless water heater. DIY repairs or part replacements may void the warranty, so consider whether you are willing to accept this risk.
Steps to Replace the Igniter:
If you decide to proceed with the igniter replacement, here are the general steps to follow:
* Turn Off Gas and Power: Shut off the gas supply to the tankless water heater and disconnect the power source to ensure safety during the replacement process.
* Disconnect Gas Line: Carefully disconnect the gas line from the unit. Use proper wrenches and take precautions to avoid damaging the gas line or causing gas leaks.
* Remove the Burner Assembly: The igniter is typically located near the burner assembly. Remove the burner assembly cover and detach the assembly from the unit. This may involve removing screws or fasteners.
* Disconnect Electrical Connections: Carefully disconnect any electrical connections to the existing igniter. Note the wiring and connections for reference during installation of the new igniter.
* Remove the Old Igniter: Carefully remove the old igniter from its mounting bracket. Take care not to damage any surrounding components.
* Install the New Igniter: Mount the new igniter onto the bracket and secure it in place. Reconnect the electrical wires according to the markings or notes you made earlier.
* Reattach Burner Assembly: Reattach the burner assembly to the unit and secure it in place. Ensure that it is properly aligned and fastened.
* Reconnect Gas Line: Carefully reconnect the gas line to the unit. Use proper wrenches and ensure that the connections are tight and secure.
* Check for Leaks: Turn on the gas supply and use a gas leak detector solution to check for any gas leaks at the connections. Ensure there are no bubbles indicating leaks.
* Restore Power and Test: Reconnect the power supply to the unit and turn on the tankless water heater. Test the ignition and heating operation to ensure that the new igniter is functioning correctly.
Finding a Replacement Igniter:
To find a replacement igniter for your Noritz NR98 DVC, consider the following options:
Manufacturer's Website: Noritz may offer replacement parts, including igniters, directly on their official website. You can check their online store or contact their customer support for assistance.
* Authorized Dealers: Contact Noritz authorized dealers or distributors in your area. They may carry replacement parts or be able to order them for you.
* Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, eBay, and specialized appliance parts retailers often have a wide range of replacement parts for tankless water heaters. Be sure to provide the model and serial number of your unit to ensure compatibility.
* Local Plumbing or HVAC Suppliers: Visit local plumbing supply stores or HVAC suppliers in your area. They may stock or be able to order the replacement igniter for your Noritz NR98 DVC.

Before purchasing a replacement igniter, double-check that it is compatible with your specific unit by verifying the model number and ensuring that it matches the manufacturer's specifications.

In conclusion, while replacing the igniter on a Noritz NR98 DVC tankless water heater is technically possible for some homeowners, it should be approached with caution due to safety and warranty considerations. If you are uncertain about your ability to perform the replacement correctly and safely, or if your unit is still under warranty, it is strongly recommended to seek professional assistance from a qualified technician or plumber to ensure a safe and reliable repair.
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