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How can I repair a sub-zero ice dispenser that is not dispensing ice cubes?

To repair a Sub-Zero ice dispenser that is not dispensing ice cubes, follow these steps:
1. Check for ice blockages: Clear any ice blockages or obstructions in the dispenser chute.
2. Inspect the ice dispenser motor: Test the motor to ensure it is functioning correctly. If the motor is faulty, replace it.
3. Verify the dispenser solenoid: Check the solenoid that controls the ice dispenser flap. If it's defective, replace it.
4. Check the dispenser switch: Ensure the dispenser switch is working properly. Replace it if necessary.
5. Monitor the temperature: Ensure the freezer temperature is set correctly to avoid ice melting and refreezing in the dispenser.
If the issue persists, contact a professional Sub-Zero technician for further diagnosis and repair.
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