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How Do I Detect The Leak?

Before you contact for water leak repair, try these methods to locate hidden leaks in your house.
  • Water meter test. A water meter test is one method of locating concealed water leaks. Your home's faucets should all be turned off. Next, check your water meter. The presence of the meter indicates the presence of a water leak. Even though you might not notice a difference in the water meter reading immediately away, check again in a few hours and compare the readings. You might have a slow-moving leak if the water meter shifts.
  • Water Pressure Test. Checking your home's water pressure is another approach to identifying hidden leaks. Turn off each faucet individually and gauge the water pressure. You may have a water leak if the pressure is lower than usual.
  • Listen for Running Water. You can listen for flowing water if no clear leak indicators are visible. Sometimes the sound of water leaking can be heard through floors or walls.
  • Check your Appliances for Leaks. Disconnect every appliance from the outlet before you locate the one with a leak to check for water leaks from appliances. A malfunctioning appliance may be dropping water slowly.
  • Check Your Toilet for Leaks. Drop some food coloring into the tank at night to detect any toilet leaks. You have a leaking toilet if color is present in the bowl by morning without flushing.
  • Check Your Utility Bills. Sometimes your water bill can provide you with signs about a potential leak. You could have a water leak if you notice a sudden or unusual rise in your water use.
  • Water Drips and Wet Walls. If family members detect obvious wetness in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, you may have a water leak. If you don't have a water leak fixed immediately, it can mess up your house and encourage mold growth. To avoid water damage, schedule a water leak repair with a reputable local plumber directly if any of these seven techniques indicate that you leak in your house.
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