How Do I Maintain My Water Softener?

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Water softeners are installed where the water line enters the home. A professional installer should carry out the installation. How do I Maintain My Water Softener? While most softeners need little care and will last for many years – problems may occasionally occur. To ensure smooth functioning, the water softener should regenerate at least once a week to assure its longevity. If your water softener is not working properly, there are several things to watch for: Check for salt build-up in the brine tank. If a crust has formed, remove it using a vacuum, clean with soap and water, and rinse well. If your water contains iron, check for iron deposits in the resin bed. If it is present, use an iron-removing product to clean the softener. Check the resin tank injector. If it is plugged with “dirty” salt, shut off the softener’s bypass plug, run a manual regeneration and then clean the injector and injector screen. Consider machines that have controls that minimize water use during regeneration. Often, one cycling a week will be sufficient for a family of four if the unit is sized properly.

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