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How many has GPM A.O. Smith, K56N2N103?

The A.O. Smith K56N2N103 is not a pool pump, but rather a specific type of electric motor used in various applications, including pool pumps. It does not have a gallons per minute (GPM) rating because it is not a pump itself; instead, it is the motor that powers the pump.

Let's break down the components involved:
* A.O. Smith: A.O. Smith is a well-known manufacturer of electric motors, including those used in pool pumps. They produce a range of motors with different specifications to suit various applications.
* K56N2N103: K56N2N103 is a model number for one of A.O. Smith's electric motors. The model number provides specific information about the motor's characteristics, such as its frame size, horsepower rating, voltage, speed, and other technical details. However, it does not indicate the GPM of a pump because it is not a pump itself.

The GPM rating is a measure of the flow rate of water through a pump or system and is typically used to describe the capacity or performance of a pool pump or other fluid-handling equipment. GPM is expressed in gallons per minute and is used to determine how much water a pump can move in a given time period.

To find out the GPM of a pool pump, you would need to look at the pump's specifications, including the pump model, horsepower, impeller size, and design. These factors, along with the hydraulic efficiency of the pump, determine its GPM rating. It's important to note that the GPM rating is specific to the pump, not the motor that drives it.

If you have a pool pump that uses the A.O. Smith K56N2N103 motor, you would need to refer to the pump's documentation or consult the manufacturer to determine its GPM rating. The motor itself does not have a GPM rating because it is only one component of the overall pool pump system.

In summary, the A.O. Smith K56N2N103 is a model of an electric motor commonly used in pool pumps and other applications. It does not have a GPM rating because it is not a pump. To find the GPM of a pool pump that uses this motor, you need to look at the specifications of the pump itself, including its model, horsepower, and design. The GPM rating describes the pump's water flow capacity, and it is an important factor to consider when selecting a pump for your pool or other fluid-handling needs.

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