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How to clean the dryer?

Turn the dryer off and unplug it. Unplug your dryer from the wall outlet before cleaning the dryer vent. Extend the dryer, then release the vent clamp. You must unscrew the clamp holding the vent pipe to the wall aperture. Depending n the clamp type, you may need to remove it with a screwdriver or press it to release it. Check for and remove vent obstructions. Clean out you're lent by vacuuming. Remove as much lint and dirt as possible from the opening's deepest point using the cleaning tool or vacuum—clear obstructions from the external vent. Remove or lift the flap or cover if your outside vent has one so you can glance inside. Use the same tools you used to clean the other side of the vent while wearing gloves to remove any obstructions or debris you can reach. Look for anything blocking the outdoor vent. Reattach the dryer vent. Lint or debris that came out while you were cleaning should be swept or vacuumed. Restart the dryer by turning on the electricity once again. Check to see if any other debris is released by letting it run for a while.

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