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How to replace a fire alarm?

  • Ensure the green alarm indicator light is off and turn off the main electricity to the alarms on the property.Find the flattened T-shaped slot on the alarm's side; an arrow and sticker directing you there will state, "Insert screwdriver to remove."
  • Slide the alarm's head away from the screwdriver while you place a tiny flat-headed screwdriver into the slot. To detach the device, you should slightly twist away from the plate.
  • Then the old alarm will drop into your grasp.
  • Align the new unit with the mounting plate and slide it into place to attach the new alarm. When it's in position, you should hear a faint clicking sound.
  • Ensure the alarm's green indicator light is on and return the mains' power on.
  • Press the test button on the unit's front to test the alarm. An alert should sound from the device.
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