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I'd like to schedule for a technician to come out. We have a refrigerator that's not getting as cold as it should be. I put one of those cooking thermometers, and it looks like the cold is getting to about 48° even if I set it to 35° or 36°. It's a Samsung fridge; I don't know how old. What's the minimum cost? So I have a rough idea; I don't know, but just a big range.

Upon checking it here, we can send our technician for today between 3pm and 6pm. Let me tell you how we work; for coming out. We will perform a diagnostic on your system and then provide you an estimate to fix it. And if you decide to go with the repair, the will go towards the repair cost. Our technician will call 30 minutes prior to his arrival to let you know he is on his way.
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