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Is it okay for my Coleman TM9V Gas Furnace to have a visible pilot light during operation?

No, it is not okay for your Coleman TM9V Gas Furnace to have a visible pilot light during operation. The Coleman TM9V Gas Furnace, like most modern gas furnaces, is designed to operate without a continuously burning pilot light. Instead, it should utilize electronic ignition systems that are more efficient and safer. Here's why:

Energy Efficiency: Traditional pilot lights consume a small but continuous amount of gas to keep the flame lit. This constant gas usage can add up over time and result in higher energy bills. In contrast, modern gas furnaces, including the Coleman TM9V, use electronic ignition systems like hot surface ignition or intermittent pilot ignition. These systems only ignite the gas when the furnace needs to heat your home, leading to significant energy savings.
Safety: Visible pilot lights can pose safety risks. If the pilot light goes out unexpectedly, it can release unburned natural gas into your home, which is a potential fire and explosion hazard. Electronic ignition systems are more reliable and less prone to pilot light failures, enhancing the overall safety of the furnace.
Environmental Impact: Continuous pilot lights contribute to unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions due to the constant burning of natural gas. By using an electronic ignition system, your furnace can reduce its environmental footprint by minimizing gas consumption and emissions.
Consistent Operation: Electronic ignition systems are designed to provide consistent and reliable ignition, ensuring that your furnace operates efficiently and heats your home as needed. Pilot lights can sometimes flicker or go out, leading to interruptions in heating and potential discomfort.
Compliance with Regulations: Many building codes and regulations now require the use of electronic ignition systems in new furnace installations to enhance safety and energy efficiency. It's essential to ensure that your furnace complies with local codes and standards.

If you see a visible pilot light on your Coleman TM9V Gas Furnace during operation, it may indicate a malfunction or an older model that needs maintenance or an upgrade. In most cases, the pilot light should only be visible briefly during the ignition process and then disappear once the main burner is lit.

If you do have a visible pilot light on your furnace, it's crucial to have it inspected and serviced by a qualified HVAC technician. They can diagnose the issue and determine if any repairs or upgrades are necessary to bring your furnace up to modern safety and efficiency standards. Additionally, they can help you transition to a more energy-efficient and reliable electronic ignition system if your furnace is an older model.

In conclusion, a visible pilot light during operation of the Coleman TM9V Gas Furnace is not normal and should be addressed promptly. It's important to prioritize safety, energy efficiency, and compliance with regulations by ensuring that your furnace utilizes a modern electronic ignition system instead of a continuously burning pilot light. Regular maintenance and professional service will help keep your furnace operating safely and efficiently.
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