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Is this Thermador Appliance Repair Service? I have a 10-year-old Thermador double oven, and the spring and cable on the doors are broken. And the glass in the middle of the door is broken. I don't really need someone to take a look at it. I know exactly what it needs just by looking at it. I need someone to come out, install the part, and go their way.

We do service all Thermador appliances. We need to have a technician come out and inspect it first, or we won't know how much it would really cost and the parts needed. We can give you a schedule any day of the week. We have a spot available today, tomorrow, Saturday, or even Sunday. Our service call fee for the technician to come out and help you with your unit. If you can give me the model number, I'll pass that on to the technician so he can ready the parts for you.

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