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Kenmore Energy Star washer manual, heavy-duty 2-way tumbler front loading, how full should I load it?

Loading your Kenmore Energy Star front-loading washer correctly is important to ensure proper cleaning, balanced spinning, and optimal energy efficiency. While the exact loading capacity might vary depending on the specific model, here are some general guidelines on how full you should load your heavy-duty 2-way tumbler front-loading washer: 1. Follow the Manual: The best source of information regarding loading capacity is your Kenmore Energy Star washer's user manual. It should provide specific recommendations based on your washer's model and design. 2. Leave Room for Movement: To ensure thorough cleaning and proper tumbling, avoid overloading the washer. The drum needs enough space for clothes to move freely. Overcrowding the drum can lead to poor cleaning results and unbalanced spinning. 3. Don't Pack Too Tightly: When loading clothes into the washer, avoid tightly packing them. Loosely place the laundry inside the drum, distributing items evenly to prevent bunching or tangling. 4. Check Weight Limits: Check the user manual or the label inside the door for weight limits. Front-loading washers typically have weight limits for both dry and wet loads. Be mindful of these limits to prevent strain on the machine. 5. Load by Weight: A common guideline is to load the drum until it's about three-quarters full. You can also use the weight of the laundry as a rough guide – aim for around 80% of the washer's weight limit. 6. Bulky Items: For heavy or bulky items like towels, bedding, and large garments, load them loosely to avoid overloading the drum. 7. Delicate Items: Delicate or lightweight items like lingerie or small garments can be added to the load to maximize the drum's capacity. 8. Avoid Overstuffing: Overstuffing the washer can lead to an unbalanced load, causing the machine to vibrate excessively during the spin cycle and potentially damaging the washer. 9. Follow Cycle Instructions: Some cycles might have specific loading recommendations to optimize cleaning results. Always check the user manual or control panel for any cycle-specific instructions. 10. Leave Room for Movement: When loading the washer, leave enough room for clothes to move freely during the wash cycle. This allows for proper detergent distribution and effective cleaning. By adhering to the recommended loading capacity outlined in your Kenmore Energy Star washer's user manual and using common sense to prevent overloading, you'll achieve better cleaning results and prolong the life of your appliance. If in doubt, it's better to slightly underload the washer than to overload it, as this will ensure optimal washing performance and prevent potential issues down the line.
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