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Kenmore filter reset light AC, no filter reset button.

If you have a Kenmore appliance with a filter reset light (such as an air conditioner) but no dedicated filter reset button, you can often reset the filter indicator by following a specific sequence of actions on the control panel. Here's a general approach you can take to reset the filter indicator light on your Kenmore appliance: 1. Locate the Control Panel: Identify the control panel on your Kenmore appliance. This is where you interact with the appliance's settings and functions. 2. Power On: Turn on the appliance if it's not already powered on. 3. Access the Filter Settings: Use the control panel to navigate to the section or settings related to the appliance's filter. This might be labeled as "Filter," "Maintenance," or something similar. 4. Enter the Reset Sequence: Without a dedicated filter reset button, you'll likely need to enter a specific combination of button presses to reset the filter indicator light. This sequence can vary depending on the appliance's model. 5. Refer to the User Manual: Consult the user manual that came with your Kenmore appliance. The manual should provide information on how to reset the filter indicator light for your specific model. 6. Follow Manufacturer's Instructions: The user manual will outline the exact steps to reset the filter indicator. This might involve holding down certain buttons simultaneously or navigating through a series of menus. 7. Observe the Light: After performing the reset sequence, monitor the filter indicator light. If the reset was successful, the light should either turn off or reset to indicate that the filter is now clean or replaced.
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