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My Viking refrigerator ice maker is stopped working, and the door is like when you open it, it clicks, almost like it is loose. Can I have the repair today or as soon as possible? Do I have a service agreement or no?

It seems like we can send our technician out today between 11am and 2pm. The technician will call you 30 minutes prior to the arrival. I see that we used to service the appliance repair, but there is no contact or something with us. I just wanted to inform you that, as of right now, we do offer a membership program. In case you are purchasing that over the phone, it cost only $1. For $1, you get a free service calls during the year; also for the appliances, HVAC, air duct cleaning, electrical, and plumbing services. In case you would like to proceed with our technician, it is going to be . If you would be interested in that, let me know, and we can sign you with that. Let me just remind you how we work. We have a service call fee for the visit, that's for a full physical diagnostic of the unit, and once you decide to proceed with us, the service call fee will be waived. As payment, you can pay us with a credit or debit card or check.

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