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replace inlet valve to ice maker on viking d3 lower freezer

To replace the inlet valve for the ice maker on a Viking D3 lower freezer, follow these steps:
1. Unplug the refrigerator from the power source or turn off the circuit breaker.
2. Locate the inlet valve at the back of the freezer compartment. It is connected to the water supply line.
3. Carefully disconnect the water supply line from the old inlet valve. Have a towel or container ready to catch any water that may spill.
4. Remove any mounting screws or brackets securing the old inlet valve to the freezer.
5. Install the new inlet valve in place and reattach any mounting screws or brackets.
6. Reconnect the water supply line to the new inlet valve.
7. Plug the refrigerator back in or turn on the circuit breaker.
8. Check for leaks and ensure proper water flow to the ice maker.
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