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What causes low water pressure in the shower?

There are several different causes of low shower head water pressure. The most frequent reasons include the following:
  • Outdated plumbing in your mains water system. If you reside in or close to a city or town center, the mains water system is to blame for your low water pressure. This results from the considerably older pipes used in city and town centers' mains water systems. The inconvenience that replacing the plumbing would produce in a city center makes it more difficult for the local authority to do so.
  • The supply plumbing in your home's water system may need to be bigger. The most frequent cause of low water pressure is inadequate supply pipes. This is typical in older homes that still employ the original plumbing setup. As a result, less water will enter your house and go to the shower. Again, replacing is highly disruptive; therefore, probably, past owners did not make the necessary repairs.
  • Your home's water system could be clogged. Once again, if you reside in an older home, it's possible that the iron piping in your water system is outdated. Iron is prone to rust, which can cause rust to fall off and clog the pipe.
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