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What's your schedule like as far as repairing an oven here in Palm Springs? I have a Thermador oven, and we smell a little bit of gas when we turn it on. Tomorrow would be great, or even today would be better.

Unfortunately, we are fully booked today, but we can send a technician your way tomorrow. We can schedule you for tomorrow between 10 to 1 PM. That's the soonest we can send our technicians tomorrow. We will send you a highly trained, licensed and certified technician for your Thermador oven. For our technician to come out, we have a diagnostic fee . But don't worry because that will be waived if you proceed with the repairs with us. So basically, you'll end up only paying for the repair cost. Our labor service doesn't have an hourly or service rate. The cost will depend on the severity of the problem and the parts that need replacing.

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