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where is the fabric softener button my maytag washer

Maytag washers typically have a fabric softener dispenser instead of a dedicated fabric softener button. The fabric softener dispenser is a compartment within the washing machine where you can add liquid fabric softener to be automatically dispensed during the rinse cycle. Here's how to locate and use the fabric softener dispenser on a Maytag washer: 1. Open the Washer Lid: Start by opening the washer lid to access the interior of the machine. 2. Locate the Dispenser: The fabric softener dispenser is usually located near the top of the agitator or at the center of the drum, depending on the model. Look for a compartment with a removable cap or dispenser lid. It is typically labeled with a fabric softener icon. 3. Add Fabric Softener: Pour the recommended amount of liquid fabric softener into the dispenser compartment. Be sure not to overfill it, as fabric softener is concentrated and does not require as much as detergent. 4. Close the Dispenser Lid: After adding the fabric softener, close the dispenser lid securely. 5. Set the Wash Cycle: Set the desired wash cycle on the control panel of the Maytag washer. Make sure to select a cycle that includes a rinse option since fabric softener is dispensed during the rinse cycle. 6. Start the Washer: Once you've set the cycle and added your laundry, start the washer by pressing the appropriate buttons or turning the dial, depending on the washer's control interface. During the rinse cycle, the fabric softener will be released from the dispenser, ensuring that it gets evenly distributed over your clothes to soften them and reduce static cling. It's important to note that the location and design of the fabric softener dispenser may vary slightly depending on the specific model of your Maytag washer. If you're having trouble finding the dispenser or need more information about using it, I recommend consulting the user manual that came with your washer or contacting Maytag customer support for assistance.
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