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Where is the red button on a KitchenAid garbage disposal?

KitchenAid garbage disposals typically do not have a red reset button like some other garbage disposal brands. Instead, they are equipped with an overload protector that automatically trips and shuts off the disposal if it becomes overloaded or jammed. This safety feature helps prevent damage to the motor and allows you to clear any obstructions before resuming operation. If your KitchenAid garbage disposal stops working, it may have tripped the overload protector. To address this issue, follow these steps: 1. Turn Off the Garbage Disposal: If the garbage disposal is currently running, turn it off by flipping the wall switch that controls its power. Make sure it is completely off before proceeding. 2. Locate the Reset Button: Look for a small, round, or rectangular red button on the bottom or side of the garbage disposal unit. This button is usually the reset button, but on some models, it may be black or another color. 3. Press the Reset Button: Using a long tool or a pencil, press the reset button firmly to reset the overload protector. 4. Clear Any Obstructions: Check for any obstructions or debris inside the garbage disposal that may have caused it to trip. Use a flashlight and tongs to remove any foreign objects carefully. 5. Test the Garbage Disposal: After pressing the reset button and clearing any obstructions, turn the power back on and test the garbage disposal by running cold water and switching it on. If your KitchenAid garbage disposal does not have a red reset button or if pressing the reset button does not resolve the issue, consider checking the circuit breaker or contacting KitchenAid customer support for further assistance. Additionally, never insert your hand or fingers into the garbage disposal while it is powered on or attempt to remove obstructions with your hands to avoid injury.
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