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Where is the sensor button on the Miele coffee maker?

Miele coffee makers, like other appliances, can have various buttons and controls, but they may not typically have a "sensor" button. Instead, Miele coffee makers are equipped with a touch panel or buttons that offer different functions. Here's an overview of common buttons and controls you might find on a Miele coffee maker: 1. Power Button: This button is usually located prominently and is used to turn the coffee maker on and off. 2. Brewing Buttons: These buttons allow you to select the type of coffee you want to brew, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc. Each button is often labeled with the specific coffee type or symbol. 3. Strength Adjustment: Some Miele coffee makers provide options to adjust the strength of the coffee, allowing you to customize the flavor to your preference. These buttons might be labeled with icons representing coffee bean strength. 4. Size Adjustment: Coffee makers often offer options to adjust the size of the coffee cup or mug. You can select between different sizes like small espresso shots or larger cups. 5. Milk Frothing: If the coffee maker has a milk frothing or steaming function, there might be buttons specifically for frothing or steaming milk for beverages like cappuccinos or lattes. 6. Menu/Settings Button: This button is used to access the coffee maker's settings and menus. Here, you can adjust settings like temperature, language, maintenance, and more. 7. Cleaning and Descaling Buttons: Many Miele coffee makers have buttons or programs dedicated to cleaning and descaling the machine, ensuring it remains in optimal condition. 8. Display Panel: Instead of a specific "sensor" button, the display panel itself often acts as a touch-sensitive interface. You can interact with the panel by touching the relevant icons or buttons displayed on the screen. It's essential to consult your Miele coffee maker's user manual for accurate information about the buttons and controls on your specific model. If you're seeking information about a particular "sensor" button or require assistance with a specific function, refer to the user manual or contact Miele's customer service for guidance.
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