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Where to find thermador oven model number

The location of the model number on a Thermador oven can vary depending on the oven's type and model year. Here are some common places to find the model number: 1. Inside the Oven Door: Open the oven door, and you may find a label or tag with the model number on the door frame or the oven's side panel. 2. Side Trim or Kick Plate: Look for the model number on the side trim or kick plate of the oven. Some ovens have a label or sticker with the model number in this area. 3. Behind the Control Panel: For built-in ovens, you may need to remove the control panel to access the model number label, which is typically located on the frame or chassis behind the controls. 4. Owner's Manual: The model number is often listed on the first few pages of the owner's manual that came with the oven. If you have the manual, check the cover or introduction section. 5. Product Registration Card: If you registered your Thermador oven with the manufacturer, the model number may be on the product registration card or confirmation email. 6. Back of the Oven: In some cases, especially with older models, the model number may be on a label attached to the back of the oven. If you are unable to locate the model number using the methods above, or if the label is worn or missing, you can contact Thermador customer support or visit their official website for assistance in identifying the model number based on the oven's specifications and features.
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