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Quality Repairs In Sacramento

Home Alliance is a number one choice for home services in Sacramento. Whether you need help in emergency appliance repair or other services, we will provide the quality you expect.

Booking With Ease

Try our booking system online to place a request for an appointment as soon as the same day, and a qualified, licensed and experienced Service Expert will come out to your house to fix your appliances.

Professional Service Experts

Our Service Experts are experienced professionals with extensive background in appliance repair. We partner with local technicians in Sacramento to guarantee the convenience, quality and speed of appliance repair services.

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Professional Local Service Experts In Sacramento

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Years of experience meet prominent technology solutions with Home Alliance full-service offerings.

Easy Booking System

We created a software to help you schedule an appointment in less than 60 seconds.

It Saves Your Time

Home Alliance makes sure that your technician is committed to solve YOUR issue. You don’t need to waste hours calling dozens of contractors.

Online Order Tracking

The process made seamless from start to finish. Check your order status anytime with the online tracking bar.