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Finding a reliable appliance repair company is difficult nowadays. When it comes to small or major appliance repairs, our team will be to perform them in a way that you will not worry about such problems for months to come.

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Home Alliance has been in the appliance repair business for over a decade. We have served more than 200,000 households and counting. We understand how important it is to build the trust every customer deserves.

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Issues We Can Fix

  • Warm Fridge or Freezer
  • Smelly Fridge or Freezer
  • Under or Overcooking Oven
  • Microwave Plate Not Turning
  • Dripping Sink or Faucet
  • Garbage Disposal Not Working
  • Warm Fridge or Freezer

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Meet Our Service Experts

John B. | Appliance Repair
1500+ jobs

Experienced appliance repair technician with 6 years of experience, John can diagnose and fix almost any issue with appliances

Sam T. | Heating & AC
300+ jobs

Sam started his career in Heating & Air Conditioning 6 years ago. He specializes in repairs, installations and air quality solutions.

Tim S. | Plumbing
600+ jobs

Tim has been working as a plumber for almost 10 years helping homeowners in Southern California. He has proficiency in providing energy sufficient, eco-friendly solutions.