How To Make Home Cleaning More Fun: 15 Happy Ways (Yes, Indeed!)

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Mark Jardine
July 15, 2024
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If you want to make house cleaning fun, some things work. Most of us have tasks we don't enjoy but need to do anyway — and cleaning is one such task for many people! The good news? It can get better with a little effort on our part. While this may not ever become your favorite activity, at least now it won't feel so bad anymore since the process has been made less tedious than before. Read on for a better, more positive cleaning experience in your home. Here are some tips for getting you motivated!
  • Treat Cleaning as Exercise
Cleaning is a great way to burn calories. Treating your cleaning as a form of exercise is one of the easiest ways to make cleaning fun. Typically cleaning can burn 150-250 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the cleaning.
  • Have Regular Breaks and Reward Yourself
The best way to avoid getting bored or tired is by scheduling small breaks throughout your work day. Have a treat every 20-30 minutes, like some chocolate milk and cookies, for instance!
  • Listen To Music That Will Motivate You
The beat and base of your favorite music can help you stay motivated when cleaning. Playing faster-paced tunes with consistent rhythm makes chores seem less daunting while also making them more fun!
  • Invite friends over
If your motivation is fading, consider inviting friends over for support. You could offer them pizza or alcohol-but only a little before all the cleaning is done! The presence of someone else can make time fly by, so don't hesitate to ask an old college buddy if he can keep you company. Bribe him with food and drinks (but no more than usual)!
  • Make a Hands-Free Phone Call
Just because you're stuck cleaning doesn't mean your social life has to suffer! Why not use a hands-free device and chat with friends or family while doing chores around the house? You'll feel great about completing all those tasks, but hopefully, have some laughs along the way on speaker phone too.
  • Clean For Shorter, But More Often
You can free up more time and energy by cleaning your home or office for two hours daily. Plus, it's easy! Just clean the areas that need attention in order during 30 minutes of dedicated cleaning each week - this way, there is no stress about overlooking anything.
  • Buy Good Cleaning Equipment
Have you ever found yourself cleaning with an outdated vacuum? Chances are it's not just because of the dirt stains on your floor. Old, inefficient equipment can take hours and leave homeowners feeling like they're doing all this hard work for no reason!
With all the ways to keep you entertained when cleaning, we also have tips and advice for several household appliances and equipment. Cleaning your home appliances is essential to maintaining them and ensuring they function correctly. Housekeeping is a simple task that only takes a few minutes and can be done with everyday household items. Following these simple steps, you can keep work your devices looking and like new ones.

Cleaning Your Kitchen

Cleaning might seem like a long afternoon task, but with our step-by-step instructions, your appliances can be spotless in next to no time. With the proper knowledge and tools, you'll have sparkling stainless steel countertops or pristine white tile floors!
Here's a great way to clean your kitchen in just one hour! This process is perfect for those who need more time on their hands or need something that can be done quickly. You'll end up with sparkling dishes and countertops alike, so you might as well enjoy the view.
  • Clear clutter off your counters
The key to a clean kitchen is starting small and working your way out. Clear off one corner of the counter, then another section, until you have cleaned every inch that doesn't belong on your counters!
  • Empty the dishwasher and the dish drainer and wash the dishes
The key to cleaning is organization. Start with clean dishes and remove any dirty ones before washing, so no bottlenecks are hampering your efforts.
  • Scrub down the exterior of your stove and oven
The outside surface is where dirt accumulates, so it's essential to give this area some love too! Give all characters—including those pesky handles and display cases a good scrubbing with hot soapy water. If you have a gas stove top or an electric burner installation on your oven (or any type that requires manually turning off), wipe the entire exterior until every part has been cleaned.
  • Wipe down your counters
When you are done washing and drying all of your dishes, it is time to give the countertops their royal treatment. Working in sections takes everything off of them - including cooking oils or utensils that you store there!
  • Deep clean your sink
It's easy to keep your sink clean, but it can also be hard work. First, rinse out all the residue and scrub any dirt with sponges with hot water before adding some bleach into every corner for ten minutes straight while letting those fumes do their job, which will kill 99 percent of bacteria!
  • Clear out the fridge
Clearing out expired items and spills from time to time is essential for a cleaner fridge. You can do this with a quick wipe down or by using a cleaning solution on any dirty surfaces that need attention on your refrigerator!
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor
Sweep up all the larger crumbs and debris on your kitchen floor, especially near where you put away groceries. Nudge your brooms under appliances like refrigerators or ovens as well! After sweeping, go ahead with a vacuum session for those pesky fine dust particles before mopping to get at dirt stains from cooked food residue in between tiles (or laminate).
The more organized you can keep your home, the better. Decluttering an area like the kitchen is a great place to start! For people's homes and kitchens to feel clean and well-organized, they need things put away correctly in storage or on display so there won't be any clutter everywhere. If we take care of our tasks (like cleaning up from dinner), then, by all means, go ahead with whatever else needs doing; don't forget about cleaning those pesky counters too.

HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your home's air conditioning system in good shape. But what happens when something goes wrong between appointments? Luckily, there are a few things you can do before calling out professional help for air conditioner repairs all at minimal costs!
  • The circuit breaker should be the first place you look when something goes wrong with your electrical system. It's easy to trip, and safety precautions are in place, but don't take any risks!
  • If the thermostat is set too high, it can cause various problems, including poor HVAC system performance. To remedy this issue and get your home's AC working at peak efficiency again, try lowering its settings by 5 degrees!
  • The air conditioner or furnace is running, but it's not feeling like anything. Check for a dirty filter and replace it if necessary. A clogged one can lead to ice forming on the evaporator coil, preventing airflow!
  • If you have a problem with your AC, the first thing to check is often just plain old cleanliness! Remember that dirty coils can lead directly or indirectly (depending on their severity) towards ice forming and preventing airflow. Do air conditioner cleaning regularly to keep it in top condition.
  • When you're checking the outside of your air conditioning unit, be sure to look for any dirt or debris that could obstruct airflow. This will prevent overheating and shutting down in an hour!

Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

Cleaning out your dryer vent is a part of the annual deep clean. If you notice that it takes longer for clothing to dry, this could be due to the buildup of lint and dust particles resulting from not taking care of this vital task each year! You can hire a technician for a professional air duct cleaning service, or a DIY cleaning method. Here are some simple steps to follow in cleaning your dryer vent:
  • The first thing you have to do is locate where the duct begins and ends.
  • The best way to safely disconnect your dryer is by unplugging the power cord or turning off gas/propane valves.
  • Pull away from your wall and remove any covers that might have been covering it. This will give clear access for cleaning the entire vent.
  • Using a dryer vent brush, insert it into the ductwork and spin it counter-clockwise while pushing the brush down the dryer ducts as far as you can.
  • Clean all of the lint from the ductwork with a vacuum.
  • Please put all of the dryer components back together and plug them in. Then give it a trial run before sliding it back into place.
By following these tips, you won’t need a home cleaner to help you. You can have a cleaner and healthier home by yourself. Happy cleaning!

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