Plumbing Checklist For The Holidays 2023

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Mark Jardine
March 21, 2024
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It's nearly time to welcome your visiting relatives and friends who will be in town for the holidays. Although the hustle and bustle of daily life might catch us off guard at this time of year, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, the answer is "a lot!" regarding your plumbing. Families have a lot on their plates over the holidays. Between cooking, cleaning, and entertaining visitors, the last thing you want to worry about is a plumbing problem. Unfortunately, plumbing issues do not take a vacation break. In reality, many plumbing issues are caused by vacation activities. As a result, it will put a lot of strain on your plumbing system, resulting in badly blocked drains, leaks, and other plumbing problems that can quickly escalate into emergencies.
Let's take a deeper look at why it's critical to build a pre-holiday plumbing strategy and how you can apply it for stress-free holiday plumbing. Here's our holiday gift to you: A Pre-Holiday Plumbing Checklist!

Check for Clogged Toilets & Drain

One of the most typical holiday plumbing issues is a blocked toilet or drain. When too much toilet paper is used, or non-flushable things are flushed down the toilet, toilets can get blocked. Also, the following are things that can't you flush down the toilet:
  • Wet wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Hair
  • Cooking oil
  • Paper towels
  • Ear swabs
  • Dental floss
  • Fabric softener sheets
  • Disposable diapers
  • Silt & dust
When oil and food are dumped down drains, they can get blocked. Grease will harden in the drain, trapping food particles and clogging it. To avoid toilet and drain blockages this Holiday season, only use what you need and dispose of grease and food in the garbage, not the sink.

Use the Waste Disposal Sparingly

There are certain to be numerous individuals helping to clean the kitchen after a huge supper. Make sure your waste disposal is free of any objects that might harm its mechanism. Some of the most common foods to avoid while using garbage disposal are:
  • Fats or grease
  • Vegetables
  • Bones
  • Meat skins
  • Vegetable peels
  • Eggshells
If you use your waste disposal as little as possible this holiday, you can avoid calling Home Alliance to replace or repair it. Try to throw as much food away as possible rather than down the sink, and only use your waste disposal for soft foods that break down easily. Also, we recommend creating a short one-sheet that advises guests what may and cannot go down the drain.

Schedule for Hot Water Heater Maintenance Service

Nobody likes to step into a freezing shower. So, plan your yearly water heater service before the holidays. A qualified plumber can remove sediment and do a routine check-up to guarantee that everyone who uses your shower may wash off at their desired temperature, no matter what time of day it is!
Also, it is frequently caused by too many individuals showering simultaneously or using the dishwasher and washing machine simultaneously. To avoid this problem, time your showers so that they are at least 20 to 30 minutes apart, and avoid utilizing hot water-consuming equipment simultaneously.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Another typical plumbing issue during the cold months is frozen pipes. Water expands and can rupture pipes when it freezes, as is well known. Insulate your pipes using pipe insulation or heat tape to keep them from freezing. Allow faucets to leak slightly during cold weather to keep water flowing through the pipes and prevent them from freezing solid. Another precaution you can take is leaving cupboards open to allow warm air into your home, protecting pipes from freezing.
So before this holiday, protect your pipes from freezing by doing the following:
  • Drain water from the swimming pool and water sprinkler supply lines. Don't put antifreeze in these lines, as it is harmful to the environment and dangerous to humans and pets.
  • Remove, drain, and store outdoor hoses. Also, close inside valves supplying outdoor hose bibs.
  • Look for additional spots around the house where water supply pipes are installed in unheated regions.
  • Consider putting goods designed to insulate water pipes, such as a "pipe sleeve," or UL-listed "heat tape," "heat cable," or similar materials on exposed water pipes.
  • Consider moving exposed pipes to give additional protection from freezing.

Check for Leaks

Before having a plumbing company around for the holidays, it is critical to discover leaks. Your guest bathroom may not receive much usage and hence may not be up to the task of Holiday entertaining. Furthermore, you may be ignorant of current plumbing concerns if you seldom use the guest bathroom. So look for any leaks in your guest bathroom. Examine the sink, the shower, and the area surrounding the toilet. Make any essential repairs before your visitor arrives to avoid any unwanted leaks.

Know the Location of Your Main Water Shut-off Valve

If a plumbing problem arises over the holiday season, you should be aware of the location of your main water shut-off valve so that you may immediately turn off the water to your whole home if required. And this will assist in limiting any harm that may occur while you wait for a plumber to arrive. The main water shut-off valve is often positioned near your water meter or where the main water line enters your home (often in the basement). If you don't know where yours is or it doesn't appear to be operating properly, have a professional plumber handyman inspect it before an emergency occurs.
If you don't know where your main water shut-off valve is, here are some simple things to take:
  • Check near the perimeter of your home (not the center), usually on ground floors or basements.
  • In most cases, water lines run directly from the water main to the shut-off valve.
  • If this doesn't work, look through the inspection record from when you moved in.

Place Trash Cans in All Restrooms

Make sure your restrooms contain little trash cans where guests pail dispose of tissues and wipes rather than flushing them down the toilet. And this will keep your toilets from becoming clogged. Although toilet paper is meant to break down in septic systems, you should advise your visitors to dispose of napkins, face wipes, and other paper waste in trash cans.
It's as easy as putting a plastic bin in every restroom. You can find it at almost any thrift store, home and craft store, supermarket, or hardware store, and if you can't find one that suits your tastes, you can always purchase one online. This small investment will go a long way!

Monitor the Water Pressure

Water pressure that is too high or too low can create various issues in your house, ranging from dripping faucets to malfunctioning appliances. Keep a watch on your water pressure gauge throughout the holiday season, when there is an influx of people in your house utilizing water-consuming equipment, to ensure it remains within a typical range.
High water pressure normally takes time to cause major damage to your property. So keep an eye on your plumbing system. Taking care of problems before the Holidays is the greatest approach to safeguarding your house and saving money during this festive season. If it begins to creep up or down outside of that range, you may have a larger problem that needs expert assistance.

Get Professional Help

Finally, even if everything appears in order, hiring a plumber to do maintenance of the pipes and the entire plumbing system is a good idea. And this will help you to detect any concealed leaks or developing problems and keep your holidays as stress-free as possible, at least in terms of your plumbing.
Don't waste your holiday break hunting for a reliable and professional plumbing company when anything goes wrong! Make sure your plumbing is in good working order before your visitors come! So prepare your plumbing system before your house guests arrive by following anything we provide above. It's simple advice for preparing your plumbing system for the holidays. A few simple steps will get your drains moving smoothly, increase water pressure, and keep your visitors pleased.
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