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12001541 maytag dryer wheels does it have an internal bearing

The Maytag dryer drum support roller kit with part number 12001541 is a commonly used replacement component for certain Maytag, Jenn-Air, and other brand dryers. This kit includes two drum support rollers and associated hardware. Regarding the internal bearing, yes, the 12001541 drum support rollers do have internal bearings. These bearings allow the rollers to rotate smoothly as the dryer drum turns during the drying cycle. The bearings are essential for reducing friction and ensuring the drum operates efficiently and quietly. Over time, the drum support rollers can wear out due to regular use and the weight of the drum. This wear can cause the rollers to become noisy or stop spinning freely. If you notice a thumping or squeaking noise coming from your dryer during operation, it is likely that the drum support rollers are worn and need replacement. When replacing the 12001541 drum support rollers, it is also advisable to inspect the drum belt and idler pulley as they work together in maintaining proper tension and rotation of the dryer drum. If any of these components show signs of wear or damage, it is recommended to replace them as well to ensure the dryer operates smoothly and efficiently. In conclusion, the Maytag dryer drum support roller kit with part number 12001541 does have internal bearings. These bearings are crucial for the smooth rotation of the rollers and the proper functioning of the dryer drum. If you experience unusual noises during dryer operation, it may indicate a need to replace these rollers and associated components. Always refer to the dryer's manual or seek professional help for the safe and proper installation of replacement parts.
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