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Does the prg486nlh thermador have an infared broiler

The Thermador PRG486NLH range does not have an infrared broiler. The PRG486NLH is a 48-inch professional-style gas range from Thermador's Pro Grand series, and it comes with several high-end features for cooking performance, but an infrared broiler is not one of them. The PRG486NLH is equipped with six powerful Star Burners, which provide precise and even heating for various cooking tasks. These burners are designed to deliver high heat for searing and rapid boiling, as well as low heat for gentle simmering. While the PRG486NLH doesn't have an infrared broiler, it does come with a powerful electric griddle, which is located in the center of the cooktop. The griddle provides a convenient and consistent cooking surface for preparing items like pancakes, bacon, and other breakfast favorites. Thermador offers other ranges and wall ovens in its product lineup that do include an infrared broiler. The infrared broiler technology is typically found in some of Thermador's higher-end ranges and wall ovens. The infrared broiler can deliver intense, direct heat, allowing for quick and efficient broiling of meats and other dishes. If having an infrared broiler is a priority for your cooking needs, it's essential to verify the features of the specific Thermador model you are considering, as product offerings and features may change over time. Review the product specifications or consult with a Thermador representative to ensure you select the range or oven with the features that best suit your cooking preferences.
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