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How many kW is 1 ton AC?

The cooling capacity of an air conditioning system is traditionally measured in tons. However, when converting it to kilowatts (kW), it depends on the specific efficiency or coefficient of performance (COP) of the system. To provide a general understanding, we can consider a typical value for the COP.

In the context of air conditioning, a "ton" refers to the cooling capacity required to freeze one short ton (2,000 pounds) of ice in 24 hours. This cooling capacity is equivalent to 12,000 British thermal units (BTUs) per hour. One BTU is approximately equal to 0.00029307107 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

To convert the cooling capacity of a 1-ton air conditioner to kilowatts, we need to divide the BTUs by the conversion factor. Considering a typical COP of 3.5, we can perform the calculation as follows:

12,000 BTUs/hour ÷ (3.5 × 0.00029307107 kWh) = 3.516853 kW
Therefore, a 1-ton air conditioner, assuming a COP of 3.5, would have a cooling capacity of approximately 3.516853 kilowatts.

It's important to note that the COP can vary depending on several factors, such as the specific make and model of the air conditioner, the operating conditions, and the energy efficiency rating. In practice, modern air conditioning systems often have higher COP values, which means they can provide more cooling capacity per kilowatt of electricity consumed.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the term "ton" used in air conditioning is not a measure of power consumption but rather a measure of cooling capacity. The power consumption of an air conditioner, typically measured in kilowatts, depends on factors such as the system's efficiency, operating conditions, and the specific features of the unit.

In conclusion, a 1-ton air conditioner, assuming a typical COP of 3.5, would have a cooling capacity of approximately 3.516853 kilowatts. However, it's important to consider that actual values may vary depending on the specific air conditioning system and its efficiency rating.
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