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How to fix a sub-zero ice maker that is not producing ice?

To fix a Sub-Zero ice maker that is not producing ice, try these steps:
1. Check the water supply: Ensure the water supply line to the refrigerator is connected and not kinked or clogged.
2. Verify the water filter: If your Sub-Zero has a water filter, replace it regularly, as a clogged filter can restrict water flow to the ice maker.
3. Inspect the water inlet valve: Test the water inlet valve to ensure it's functioning correctly and supplying water to the ice maker.
4. Clear any ice blockages: Check for ice blockages in the ice maker mold and dispenser chute. Clear any ice buildup that may be obstructing the ice-making process.
5. Confirm temperature settings: Ensure the freezer is set to the recommended temperature (around 0°F or -18°C) for proper ice production.
6. Contact a professional: If the issue persists, consider calling a certified Sub-Zero technician to diagnose and fix any underlying problems with the ice maker.
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