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I have two copper tubings that were hot and now it's cool on my Amana fridge, what does that mean?

When you notice that the two copper tubes on your Amana refrigerator were previously hot and have now become cool, it likely indicates a normal functioning of the appliance rather than a cause for concern. These copper tubes are part of the refrigerator's refrigeration system and play a role in the cooling process. Here's why the change from hot to cool might occur: 1. Normal Cooling Cycle: The two copper tubes you're observing are likely the refrigerant lines of the refrigeration system. One of these tubes is the high-pressure, high-temperature side (the condenser) of the system, and the other is the low-pressure, low-temperature side (the evaporator). During the cooling cycle, the refrigerant flows through these tubes, absorbing heat from the interior of the refrigerator and releasing it to the outside environment. 2. Condensation Process: The refrigerant starts its journey as a high-pressure gas in the condenser. In this state, it releases heat to the surrounding air, causing the tube to feel warm or hot to the touch. As the refrigerant moves through the system, it undergoes a phase change and transforms into a cooler, low-pressure gas as it enters the evaporator. This change in state causes the tube to feel cooler. 3. Efficient Cooling: The transition from hot to cool is a sign that your Amana refrigerator's cooling system is operating as it should. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the interior of the fridge, which causes the evaporator to become cold. This, in turn, leads to the cooling of the contents inside the refrigerator. 4. Temperature Control: Modern refrigerators are equipped with a thermostat and a control system that regulates the cooling cycle to maintain a consistent temperature inside the fridge. As the temperature inside the refrigerator drops, the cooling cycle reduces to prevent overcooling. 5. Energy Efficiency: The cooling cycle is designed to efficiently cool the interior while dissipating heat outside. The transition from hot to cool on the copper tubes indicates that the refrigerator is effectively transferring heat from the interior to the environment. In summary, observing the change from hot to cool on the two copper tubes of your Amana refrigerator is a normal and expected occurrence during the refrigeration process. It signifies that the cooling system is efficiently removing heat from the interior of the refrigerator and maintaining the desired temperature. If you're concerned about the performance of your refrigerator, it's a good idea to monitor its overall cooling effectiveness and consult the user manual for any troubleshooting advice or contact Amana's customer support if needed.
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