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Is it okay to connect a Rinnai V Model Series tankless water heater, like the V65iP, to an existing recirculation system for instant hot water?

Connecting a Rinnai V Model Series tankless water heater, such as the V65iP, to an existing recirculation system to provide instant hot water can be a viable option, but it requires careful consideration of compatibility, plumbing configuration, and potential benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages of Connecting to a Recirculation System:
* Instant Hot Water: The primary advantage of connecting a tankless water heater to a recirculation system is the ability to provide instant hot water at the tap. Recirculation systems continuously circulate hot water through the pipes, eliminating the need to wait for hot water to reach the fixture, which can be particularly convenient in larger homes or buildings.
* Energy Efficiency: Tankless water heaters are known for their energy efficiency because they only heat water on-demand, reducing standby energy loss. When integrated with a recirculation system, the heater can further improve energy efficiency by ensuring that hot water is readily available when needed, reducing water wastage while waiting for hot water to arrive at the tap.
* Water Savings: By eliminating the need to run water down the drain while waiting for it to heat up, a recirculation system can help conserve water, which is especially beneficial in regions with water scarcity or for eco-conscious homeowners.
Considerations and Compatibility:
* Compatibility with Tankless Heater: Before connecting your tankless water heater to a recirculation system, check whether the heater is compatible with such systems. Not all tankless heaters are designed for recirculation, so consult the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines.
* Recirculation Pump: You will need a recirculation pump as part of your system to continuously circulate hot water. Ensure that the pump is appropriately sized for your plumbing layout and the demands of your household or building.
* Piping Configuration: The plumbing in your home or building must be configured to accommodate a recirculation system. This may require the installation of dedicated return lines or modifications to the existing plumbing. Professional plumbing expertise is often needed for this.
* Energy Consumption: While recirculation systems can provide instant hot water, they do consume some energy to maintain the circulation. However, the energy savings from reduced water wastage and increased tankless heater efficiency often outweigh the energy used by the recirculation pump.
* Maintenance: Recirculation systems require periodic maintenance, including pump checks and potential repairs. Be prepared for ongoing maintenance to keep the system running smoothly.
* Cost: The cost of installing a recirculation system, including the pump, plumbing modifications, and professional installation, should be considered against the convenience and energy savings it offers.
* Temperature Consistency: Ensure that the recirculation system does not lead to temperature fluctuations or inconsistent hot water delivery. Proper system design and controls can help maintain a consistent temperature.
* Local Regulations: Check local building codes and regulations, as some areas may have specific requirements or restrictions related to recirculation systems and tankless water heaters.

In conclusion, connecting a Rinnai V Model Series tankless water heater to an existing recirculation system can provide instant hot water and improve energy efficiency, but it requires careful planning, compatibility checks, and professional installation. The benefits of instant hot water, energy savings, and water conservation can make it a worthwhile investment, particularly in larger homes or buildings. However, be prepared for the associated costs, maintenance, and potential plumbing modifications. Consult with a professional plumber or contractor with experience in tankless water heaters and recirculation systems to ensure a successful integration that meets your specific needs and local regulations.
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